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Media drive of Lamborghini Gallardos ends with totaled Gallardo

May 17, 2013

Lamborghinis can be challenging cars even for experienced drivers, let alone amateurs who aren't familiar with how quickly 552 hp can break loose whatever traction the tires have and turn the bull into an unguided missile. The latest toreador to get stabbed by the bull? A Chinese journalist who totaled this new Gallardo 560-4 during a media drive.

According to reports from China, the 30-something journalist had tried to pass a slower car just beyond a toll road on wet pavement near Hangzhou when he lost control, slamming the front of the car into the highway barrier, then bounced across the road into another guardrail. No one was injured in the crack-up, and the driver was only stunned, but Lamborghini's Chinese arm will apparently have to total one of their Gallardos, which carries a sticker price of more than $500,000 in that country.

Given that Lamborghini carries insurance for just such occasions, at least the journalist won't go bankrupt paying for the damage.