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Lancia’s permanent champion: Flickr photo of the day


Lancia’s permanent champion: Flickr photo of the day

The Lancia Stratos shares a few traits with the McLaren P1 — rear engines, sleek shape, limited production — but is otherwise a world away. Where the P1 is a luxury car meant for the track, the Stratos was a rally car which had to be built in limited production to compete. The McLaren makes 903 hp; the Stratos usually made 280 hp in race tune, although those who wanted to grenade their engines could turn the wick to 560 hp. And while the McLaren cars were born under a race team's banner, the Stratos gained its fame the hard way — winning three WRC titles and racing competitively for seven years. As this example caught by Gemaskerde Muchacho shows, real super cars earn their reputations. If you have a memorable shot to share, add to the Motoramic group on Flickr, or send us a message via TwitterFacebook, and Google+.