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Lamborghini SUV concept: Bull of the apocalypse?


Lamborghini SUV concept: Bull of the apocalypse?

It's a sign of our times that the world's luxury automakers look bereft if they don't sport at least one model of high-riding wagon filed under "sport utility vehicle." According to reports from Italy, Lamborghini will catch up with its own SUV, which could be revealed as a concept in April and in production within three years.

Per the Italian magazine Quattroporte, the Lamborghini SUV would draw on the styling of the Aventador, rather than the now-classic and alien appearance of its previous SUV, the LM002. Power could come from several sources; either the Aventador's V12, a smaller engine such as the Gallardo's V10, or even a hybrid unit.

One key to how seriously Lamborghini is taking the SUV charge: The new concept will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show -- where wealthy Chinese buyers have made Lamborghini a much sought-after set of wheels. Given that Bentley will soon have its own SUV model, one that could inevitably share parts with its Volkswagen Group stablemate, and soon utility won't seem so utilitarian.