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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 hits the streets of San Francisco: Motoramic Dash


Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 hits the streets of San Francisco: Motoramic DashThis is the Motoramic Dash, a daily roundup of the most interesting news in the automotive world.

For the fifth installment of his popular tire-shredding how-to videos, entrepreneur and rally hooner Ken Block announced Monday he'd take his show to a hallowed setting -- the streets of San Francisco, made famous by Steve McQueen's "Bullitt." Them's some big shoes to fill.

The previous editions of the Gymkhana series have drawn 140 million views for their tender exploration of one man's personal journey to enlightenment through the fog of modern ennui and disenchantment. Ha, no, it's just Block turning rubber and oil to smoke through increasingly difficult scenery. The San Francisco setting will be a change of pace for Block, who typically keeps his hooning on closed sets. Given the sponsorship by Ford, and Block's promise of a special guest star, I'd expect some kind of nod to the Ford Mustang's iconic "Bullitt" sequence -- although Ford should probably not reanimate McQueen again.

For those unfamiliar, here's a sample of what to expect when Gymkhana arrives on July 9.

Other stories around the auto industry this morning:

Tesla fires popular L.A. service manager, spouse of EV advocate: Among electric car enthusiasts, Chelsea Sexton has been known for years for her advocacy and role in the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car?" Her husband Bob Sexton was well regarded among Los Angeles Tesla owners as the service manager at the Tesla store -- until he was fired last week, without warning and with no reason given. The couple say the firing left them mystified, and deny any connection to last year's stories about "bricked" Roadsters. (Chelsea Sexton)

Elon Musk dressed as Marquis de Sade: Meanwhile, at a costume party this weekend, Musk tweeted this photo and said his outfit "was v popular with women who'd read 50 Shades :)." Uh yeah, that's it. (Elon Musk via Twitter.)

Toyota chief loses his cool but wins over shareholders: I take this as a good sign for Toyota. Akio Toyoda has been known for being emotional -- he cried during a speech to U.S. dealers thanking them for support during the sudden acceleration recall crisis -- and the company needs a leader with some fire. (Wall Street Journal)

Ford SYNC added to Computer History Museum: How many drivers would prefer it stay there? (Detroit Free Press)

Report: Dany Bahar mulls lawsuit over Lotus dismissal: It's just one report, and from a Swedish newspaper at that, but it's common for such things to end up in lawsuits. Just like we said. (Auto123)