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The horse with too many names: Flickr photo of the day

October 27, 2012

Technically, this can't be a Chrysler Simca Talbot Matra Rancho, since Talbot was the name Peugeot gave to the French-based Simca-Matra combine after it bought them from Chrysler in 1978, but Chrysler paid for its development (and it used Dodge frame parts.) Designed as a French answer to a Range Rover but built off a front-wheel-drive car, the Rancho was a gas-crisis hit on the continent, sort of, except that it offered none of the off-road ability of a truck. Today, few exist, because even with five companies involved, no one was apparently in charge of rustproofing. This shot collected by Hugo90 comes from the Motoramic group on Flickr; you can add your photos there, or send us a message via TwitterFacebook, and Google+.