Guess the Hillman race car: Flickr photo of the day

Alex Lloyd
February 21, 2014

Today's Flickr photo of the day is a bit of a headscratcher: What is this car? It's a Hillman, that we're certain of — the British automaker from the early 1900s that produced such cars as the Minx before finally going out of business in the early 1970s after spending over a dozen years owned by Chrysler — but beyond that, a bit of guess work is required.

I'm swaying towards a Hillman Sonic with the windshield and side windows ripped off, the hood and grill drilled for better cooling and a roll cage fitted for track use. Regardless, it makes for a glorious picture; check out the suspension roll, squatting on the right rear tire. Let us know your thoughts on the car's model in the comments section, and thanks to John Lloyd for sending it in.

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