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Forza and McLaren create a racetrack-sized flipbook

September 19, 2013

To promote the forthcoming fifth edition of the Forza Motorsport Xbox racing game, its creators at Turn 10 corralled McLaren, Tanner Foust and others into recreating the oldest way to produce moving images. The result: what may be the world's largest flipbook, where a McLaren 12C and 680 aluminum panels scattered around a race track show how a real car can race against one from a video game.

For the "FilmSpeed" project, director Jeff Zwert and his crew used only in-camera video for the footage below; there's no computer-generated imagery beyond the pictures printed on the panels. Pulling off the zoetrope effect required Foust to drive up to 120 mph on the track in precisely the right line, while a special high-speed camera bolted to the 12C's engine block captured the frames. The point? If Forza can do this in reality, imagine what it can do with an imaginary world inside the Xbox 360.