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First love: Flickr photo of the day

May 6, 2013

We all have a car that sparked our love of four-wheels. For me, it was a TVR. Any TVR. My father owned a 1995 TVR Griffith and it still, to this day, remains one of the greatest cars I've driven - short of an actual race car. TVRs boast zero luxuries like power steering or traction control. The interiors are also plain baffling, with every button identical and none whatsoever labelled. TVRs are wild, confusing animals, and while that may not be a particularly endearing quality for some, it certainly embellishes character; although these traits were probably key factors in the British company's eventual demise.

This TVR Sagaris, posted to our Flickr pool by Gordon Calder, epitomizes raw beauty. Loud, raucous and uncut, TVR embodies everything you desire from a car. Unless that desire is reliability. Or practicality. Or comfort. If you desire these traits, you're probably out of luck.

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