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Ferrari owner in Japan arrested after posting video of his high-speed run


Ferrari owner in Japan arrested after posting video of his high-speed runA doctor in Japan who posted a video of himself putting his Ferrari 458 Italia through some high-speed driving on public roads now faces jail time and a fine, after authorities used the video to track him down. It's one thing to get caught by roadside speed cameras; quite another by one inside the car.

The video shot in April 2011 below shows the 50-year-old doctor leaving a parking deck in the $230,000 458 and unwinding its 570-hp V8 on city streets and rural highways. (He does apparently stop at one point to put on special red driving gloves.) While there's some weaving through traffic, most of his moves are simply going faster than the posted limits or the traffic around him.

After posting the video in Japanese car forums last year, authorities began investigating. According to the Mainichi Daily News, they were able to not only identify the driver, but pinpoint when and where he broke a traffic law -- driving 77 mph in a zone marked for 25 mph. Thanks to strict laws against speeding in Japan, if convicted the doctor could face up to six months in prison and a $1,220 fine, the kind of rules that played a role in last year's million-dollar Ferrari pileup in Japan. There will be Ferrari owners around the world who would say driving the 458 at speed was still worth it.