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Ferrari 288 GTO gets dirty, Gymkhana style


Ferrari 288 GTO gets dirty, Gymkhana style

There's something marvelous about watching exotic cars, typically existing in a heated garage swaddled within a cover that's softer than a Pottery Barn bed sheet, hustled in a way that would make Colin McRae proud. Tax the Rich does just that. You may remember them for showcasing wild videos like the Dueling F50s, where a pair of rare Ferraris play tug of war. In their latest creation, they take a Ferrari 288 GTO and go rallying, mixed with some Ken Block figure eights.

This is how you drive a rare supercar.

While not quite warranting Gymkhana status, the driver of this 288 certainly gets it done, neatly producing donuts in a small building with walls so close it makes you cringe. But it's seeing this beauty flung around the country roads like it's on a Welsh rally stage that truly paints an image worthy of Piet Mondrian. The sound, the look, the illustrious badge, and the dirt. For a car geek, this is magical. (And congrats to Fram for the free advertising that their filters can handle a twin-turbo Ferrari V-8).

Oh, and can you name the sneaky supercar hiding in a plume of its own smoke at the end?