Chinese team sets world record for largest vehicle loop-the-loop

March 20, 2012

This video captures what the Guinness Book of World Records has deemed the largest loop-the-loop ever done with a real car, pulled off by a Chinese automaker last fall as a promotional stunt. Impressive driving, but I'm not sure this would convince me to put a Zhejiang Youngman Lotus on my shopping list.

Despite the presence of the storied Lotus name, the L5 Hatchback has no British heritage. Youngman was one of the companies bidding to buy Saab, and has hired Lotus in the past for engineering work, much like Isuzu did with its Lotus-tuned cars in the 1980s. Piloted by Li Yatao, the hatch completes a loop with a diameter of 42 feet, 2 inches before successfully landing and sending the TV reporter into a seizure. While the Youngman survives intact, sharp-eyed commenters on the video above also note that one of the loop's supports broke during the stunt.