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Camouflaged Ferrari 458 of Lapo Elkann draws “best car collection” honor

February 17, 2012

Lapo Elkann isn't a household name in this country, but in Italy the heir to the family that runs Fiat -- and by extension, Chrysler -- cuts a wide swath as a fashion-ista and playboy. Which only partly explains why style guide Wallpaper* would choose his garage as "best car collection," including a Ferrari 458 Italia wrapped in camouflage.

There's really no auto-family scion in the world more high-profile than Elkann, an American-born grandson of Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli. In his job as brand promotion director for Fiat, Elkann knows how to draw attention to the cars and himself -- while putting a high-fashion gloss on what might otherwise be seen as a maker of small cars and commercial trucks.

Still, all of these are a step up from his previous ride, a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a bumper sticker that wouldn't be out of place on "Jersey Shore."