Bigfoot’s original builders construct the first monster truck EV

November 19, 2012

Monster trucks still roam the county fairs and dirt tracks of America, crushing totaled cars with abandon in pure displays of power. Yet all that destruction comes with a high environmental price, one addressed by the builders of the original Bigfoot with this, the first electric monster truck. Think of it as a kinder, quieter way to spend Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

Built mostly to demonstrate the powers of Bigfoot sponsor Odyssey's car batteries, the e-Foot use 30 lead-acid batteries chained together to generate 360 volts of power -- enough to turn the monster-truck's standard 66-inch tall Firestone tires. Bigfoot's brain trust say they plan to take the truck out on exhibition next year, and as the demonstration crushing video shows below, fans will be able to hear the crunch of old Tauruses like never before.