77 reasons to love: Flickr photo of the day

July 29, 2013

Aston Martin's highly exclusive One-77 super car was spotted here in Paris, and sent to us courtesy of Fast-Auto.fr. This remains rare, as seeing a One-77 in the flesh is about as unlikely as being invited to Buckingham Palace for a spot of croquet and biscuits. Future Aston Martins, however, may display a more German flair - at least under the hood - as the brand has announced a partnership to utilize V-8 engines made by Mercedes' AMG. How well the venture turns out remains to be seen, but regardless, Aston's crown jewel appears as beautiful as ever, especially out motoring in the wild. If you have a shot to share, add it to the Motoramic group on Flickr, or send us a message via Twitter, Facebook and Google+.