BMW i8 to Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

Jeff Perez
August 2, 2013

Alongside the i3, the i8 is BMW’s next vehicle in its range of plug-in hybrids. Except, unlike the i3, it looks and performs a whole lot better. A bona fide hybrid sportscar. And come September, it will be making a world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As of yet, BMW hasn’t given us official word on what kind of power figures it will be putting out, but early reports suggest the i8 should produce somewhere near 170-hp via a turbocharged three-cylinder engine and an electric motor.


To 62 mph (100 km/h), the i8 hustles in just under five seconds. Fuel consumption should sit nicely at around 78.4 mpg US / 94.1 mpg UK (3 L/100km), with 35 miles to spare on pure electric travel.

Alongside the i8, expect to see the i3, 4-Series Coupe, X5 and Active Tourer Outdoor concept when the show opens next month.

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