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Bentley Targets 200 MPH, Off-Road Capability in New SUV

Jeff Perez
March 24, 2014

Last week, Bentley gave us an enticing teaser regarding its new (and much improved) future SUV. And although it won’t go on sale until 2016, we’re already hearing some interesting news surrounding the automaker’s latest project.

According to a report from Autocar, Bentley suggests the new vehicle will be a part of the 200 mph club. A title once reserved for supercars and sportscar, now extends itself to the SUV range. Along with the 200 mph mark, Bentley expects its SUV to be fully capable on, and off-road.

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bentley-exp-9-f-concept (2)
bentley-exp-9-f-concept (2)

In order to accomplish both of these daunting tasks, Bentley engineers are aiming to design a sleek and streamlined body. A shorter roofline and minimal-drag rear profile will be paired to some advanced aerodynamics underneath the vehicle.

Naturally, along with these advanced aerodynamics would have to be an engine powerful enough to handle the brunt of the power. A V8 is likely, but even more plausible would be Bentely’s W12 engine.

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bentley-exp-9-f-concept (1)
bentley-exp-9-f-concept (1)

We won’t know any details for sure until the Bentley SUV makes its world debut (hopefully this year).

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