Acura NSX Catches Fire During Nurburgring Testing [w/Video]

Jeff Perez
July 24, 2014

Not good. Not good at all. The very same Honda/Acura NSX that we showed you running the Nurburging yesterday, has caught fire and ended its life at the side of the race track.

According to the German publication Motor-Talk, neither of the two test drivers were harmed. But this inferno seems to have spawned from the engine compartment, considering most of the burns are on the backend. It seems as though the hybrid V6 just couldn’t handle the Green Hell.

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Acura NSX Fire
Acura NSX Fire

No details yet on exactly what happened, but it’s safe to say Honda still has some testing to do before this thing is ready to hit the market. Not good for those of us hoping for a new NSX sometime soon. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn exactly what happened.

If there is some sort of silver lining to go along with this news, though, the NSX did sound good before it caught fire:

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Via: Jalopnik