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’22 Jump Street’ Has Girls, Booze and Muscle Cars

George Kennedy
December 17, 2013

Just before 21 Jump Street came out, I was starting to get tired of seeing Jonah Hill in movies. He just wasn’t as funny as when he came onto the scene. But then he and Channing Tatum teamed up to remake the 1987 television series, and it totally restored my faith in Hill’s flair for comedy. Well, Hill and Tatum are back for a sequel to that film, unsurprisingly titled 22 Jump Street.

The film looks like it should pretty funny, bringing back characters from the first film like Dept. Chief Hardy, played by Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, and Rob Riggle as the now-incarcerated phys. ed. teacher Mr. Walters. But the roles that we’re most excited to see reprised are the cars driven by our main characters.

First up is the 1991 Ford Mustang driven by both characters at various point in the movie. It may look at first like a 5.0 with those wheels, but one forum claims that only the only engine you could get with the 1991 Mustang with a blue interior was the four cylinder. (True, Crystal Blue not an available interior color on the GT, but its unclear whether it makes it unavailable on the LX 5.0.) Still, it’s a Fox-body in a new movie, so we can never hate on that.

21 Fox Body
21 Fox Body

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But the real star car was the 1970 Chevrolet Camaro. It was featured predominantly through the film and looks the part of a real muscle car beast. Apparently the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL has the car and is actually selling it. The listing provided us with a few key details.

21 Camaro
21 Camaro

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The car started as a non Z/28, but was modified heavily, eventually making it an RS Z/28 clone. It was fully restored, has a high-output 350 cubic inch engine, and all the visual updates to make it into an RS Z/28. According to the listing, it can be yours for $27,995.

So if you’re that obsessed with the films (or are a Channing Tatum superfan that just wants to own something that he sat on/in) it can be yours. We’re all set with just going to see the film when it comes out summer of 2014.

Image Sources: Sony Pictures, IMCDb.com