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$1.3M Vossen Ferrari 458 Still Looking for a Home, Unsurprisingly

Jeff Perez
July 29, 2013

Oh look, the guys over at Vossen Wheels can’t find a home for their custom Ferrari 458. And one shouldn’t be surprised, considering the cost of a brand new Ferrari 458 sits just shy of $230K, and they want $1,290,000. For a 458. With new wheels.

The million-dollar wheels in question- that’s right, million dollar wheels- are a one and only prototype of Vossen’s new Precision Series; 21-inch fronts and 22-inch rears coated in a Pirelli track tire. Tack on close to $20K worth of Novitec Rosso carbon fiber bits and you have yourself a $1.3M prancing pony.

Vossen Ferrari 2
Vossen Ferrari 2

The 458 was up for grabs on eBay for the suggested listing price until this past Wednesday, but shockingly it went back home to Miami without so much as an interested bid.

We’re not sure what’s next for the million-dollar 458, but we don’t doubt we’ll see a bit of a price cut before it goes back onto the market.

VIDEO: Vossen Precision Series – Ferrari 458 Italia