Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

  • How To Avoid A Fight With Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

    You would be surprised to learn how many couples argue on Valentine's Day. Here is a day when Love is to be celebrated, and yet some couples have had arguments and said things on this particular day that have…well…stopped making them a couple. At the risk of taking sides and pointing a finger at

  • Three Things You May Not Know About Healthcare

    When it comes to healthcare, it seems that everybody wants it, not everyone can afford it, and a majority of people think that someone else should pay for it. As with all professions, healthcare has an inside look. We're not talking scandal or abuse, but rather an understanding of how the profession

  • User post: Guns,Steel,Germs and Foodies

    Foodie is a term that is thrown around alot these days. The dictionary defines foodies as people with ardent or refined taste toward food. But lately that behavior seems less and less refined and more and more obsessive. We have all known someone with particular tastes, but when the conversation of