Michael Skinner

    Michael Skinner

  • Giving the Gift of Weird: Unique and Unusual XMAS Gifts

    On Christmas Eve when everyone is opening gifts, would you like to say: Bet you've never seen one of those!Or: Bet you have never seen one like that!Well, you are in luck. Because that peculiar institution known as the gag, joke or unusual gift is alive and well even in modern times. You can still give the gift that defies explanation--just because. The season's the reason though you will still have the recipient wondering: What were they thinking?If you happen to be the victim of one of these ah, gifts, remember, don't say the following aloud:("Thanks. ...

  • Top 10 Terrible Ties

    If you are wearing these ties someone is liable to ask: "Do you have a new baby?"Translation: You couldn't have possibly walked out of the house looking like that on purpose. There has to be an explanation. Maybe the baby had an accident and you wiped it up with your tie?Come to think of it, with some of these ties, maybe the dog had an accident.Someone else will ask if that's an eye test or a necktie. Yet another will say: your tie is giving me a headache. Some might make the sign of the cross with two fingers in your general direction. ...

  • DoomCember

    It is about a month until the End of the World. What do you get when you combine Doomsday and December? DoomCember of course. Happy Merry DoomCember!Many of the various types of Apocalypses that are bandied about in popular culture are either unlikely or do not respond very well or at all to human calendars. If you simply must have the end of life as we know it by a date certain only a man-made Apocalypse will do. If you are looking for doomsday you are in luck there are a few human generated ones lying in wait. ...

  • The Advent of Elenin, The Halloween Zombie Comet

    Looks like old comets never die; they just fade away. The ice ball known as the Comet Elenin came barreling out of the far reaches of the universe into the fiery embrace of our sun and it did what most ice balls do: it melted. And so the mythic doomsday comet is fading out with a whimper instead of

  • The End of the World is Three Weeks From Now

    Or so the Apocalypse now folks tells us.

  • $34 Million Royal Wedding

    Some of the estimates for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton went up as high as $100 million. The smart money says that their nuptials will cost more like $34 million.

  • Contaminated Verses

    On the Occasion of a 9.1 Earthquake And the earth jiggles like the bosom of a crazed dancer.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Hamsters

    It would seem that the absence of French Military victories is not enough to occupy the Gallic mind. Apparently there are a group of free French who fear the plight of endangered rodents. The Great Hamster of Alsace has found a champion and will live to gnaw another day. So from this day forward the

  • Obama Admits that Libya was an April Fool’s Joke!

    Barack Hussein Obama admitted that Libya was a April Fool's prank!

  • The People of the Moon: Lantern Festival 2011 and the End of Chinese New Year

    We have come to the end of the 15 day cycle that began the Lunar New Year on 3 Feb 2011. It is now the festival of lights known as the Lantern Festival and the End of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

  • Shut Up Now!!!

    Whenever tragedy strikes the most undemocratic institution in America immediately jumps on the corpses and seeks to use the incident to stifle dissent. Liberals, progressives, communists, Marxists, socialists and other members of the democratic party sprint to the nearest microphone or television ca

  • Neither Global Warming nor Climate Change are Scientific Theories

    Scientific Theories are falsifiable. Since everyone who believes in Global Warming or Climate Change states that ANY cold day or hot day, or cold year or hot year, or cold century or hot century; proves that Global Warming and Climate Change are occurring, Global Warming and Climate Change are not s

  • When does Crazy Go Insane?

    It's too bad that communists and haters of freedom are taking the Arizona incident in the direction of a Marxist purge.

  • 11-11-11 Art

    By poetryman69 Art for Angels?Art 1/11/11 Art 1.11.11

  • No Salvia = No Arizona Lunatic Shooting?

    Maybe we are all off base on the shooting of the congress woman. If tales of the dissociative effects of the drug Salvia are true and if the reports that the lunatic shooter took the drug frequently are accurate then the solution for avoiding shootings of this nature is trivial. Ban the drug Salvia

  • Ophiuchus is the 13th sign of Zodiac

    By poetryman69 There was a report not too long ago about the moving of the earth's magnetic pole and how that affected a landing strip in an airport in Florida.

  • Art 11/11/11 and 11/11/11 Art

    Lucky New Year. Good fortune. Propitious 1/1/11. 1.1.11. 1 Jan 2011.

  • Poems from the Urban Landscape

    City Poetry

  • The Biggest Moon I have ever seen and a Blood Red Moon

    Driving home tonight I saw the moon again. I saw it this morning when I went to work as well.