Charlotte Rudge, Staff Writer

    Charlotte Rudge, Staff Writer

  • Hair Extension Nightmares, Solved At Last

    Hair extensions are great, until they attack in strange, uncomfortable, surprising ways. Here we presented Andre Jay Davis, Hair Extension expert at Julien Farel Salon in New York City with the toughest conundrums we’ve ever heard from friends, and asked what the takeaway lesson from them was:

  • Tipping at the Salon: How to Do it Right

    As soon as you enter a hair salon or spa, people are doting on you: checking your coat, giving you a scalp massage during a shampoo, rubbing your shoulders while your nails dry. It's wonderful to be pampered—after all, you are paying for a service—but knowing the right way to show your gratitude can actually be stressful.

  • Sneaky Ways to Fake the No-Makeup Look

    Celebrity “makeup free” selfies sometimes appear about as natural as a Pixar production. (See: Kim Kardashian.) Other times, they seem annoyingly natural. (See: Gwyneth Paltrow smizing while drinking a bottle of water.) Though at its core, the no-makeup movement has the best of intentions, a lot of the times these celeb “makeup free” selfies just make us feel ... inadequate. There may or may not be makeup involved, true but the they don’t reveal all the facials, lasers, serums, and all the other little helpers that make Hollywood stars the beautiful people they are. (FYI: no makeup doesn’t mean no posing either—Paltrow and Lupita Nyong’o’s recent mid-sip poses is just a classic duck face — cheeks sucked in, lips pursed and pouty— in disguise.)

  • Beauty Tips From Our Glamorous Grandmas

    The most glamorous woman I know is my grandmother. At 97 years old, she still has weekly appointments at her hair salon, beautifully painted fingernails, and always smells of Chanel No. 5. I have never once seen her in pants: only in skirts, with stockings and classic but sensible shoes (much like the Queen of England.) She wouldn’t dream of going to bed without cold creaming her face and applying her Clinique “DDML” (aka Dramatically Different Moisturizer) moisturizer, nor have I or anyone ever seen her without lipstick and rouge on, and her purse packed, resting at her foot, even if she’s just hanging out watching TV. Meanwhile, it’s a struggle for me, her beauty editor granddaughter to brush my hair in the morning and usually don’t get around to applying makeup until about 3pm. So the discipline of it all, the brand loyalty, the personal pride women took in themselves and their appearance impress and inspire me, for many reasons.

  • Trade Secrets of a Celebrity Makeup Artist

    Makeup artist Pati Dubroff is the woman behind some of the most flawless faces in Hollywood — Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth, to name a few. Dubroff, whose work has graced the covers of Vogue and the red carpet, recently sat down with Yahoo Shine and spilled some trade secrets from her years in the trenches.

  • Ireland Baldwin Just Went Purple — And You Can Too (Really)

    Ultra-Violet: Springs hottest hair hue is light, bright, and entirely unnatural. Violet is poised—for good reason—as springs hottest hair color for a few reasons: 1, it’s Pantone’s color of the year for 2014. 2, it’s rebellious in spirit, but also 3. incredibly flattering to all skin tones, light and dark.

  • Meet the Bizarre New Beauty Superstars: Chicken Feathers, Starfish, and More

    Look out snails! Your time in the spotlight as the weirdest beauty product ingredient is coming to a close, now that chicken feathers, starfishes, fish-antifreeze and spiderwebs have been discovered (well, re-discovered) and crowned the Next Big Things — the Jennifer Lawrence's and Lupita Nyong'o's — of the beauty industry. The fact that they're so weird, rather than repulsing us, just makes them seem cooler.

  • Step Class: How to Make Your Sexy Shoes Less of a Pain

    Goodbye sore soles, blistered heels, and wobbly walking. We asked author, tv host and hardcore shoe expert Meghan Cleary, everything you need to know about picking a hot looking shoe that you can actually walk in and transforming the ones you can’t.

  • 4 Kiss-Proof Lipsticks For Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day has its share of problems, and lipstick is one of them. You're going wear red lipstick—it's practically mandatory—and you're going to kiss it off pretty fast. So what's the point?

  • NYFW Makeup Moment of the Day: Degen's Valley Girl Nails

    Remember how yesterday was all about moody, smokey rock star black? Well today's beauty moment was all about the peppy chic and sunny spirit of the classic California Valley Girl. Specifically their rainbow-strewn, blue-sky-inspired nails.

  • NYFW Makeup Moment of the Day: Jay Godfrey's Sexy Rock Chicks

    Fashion designer Jay Godfrey kicked off his first New York Fashion Week like a rock star today, at the Hudson Hotel with a moody, glamorous collection featuring plenty of black leather, and makeup to match it. It was deliciously bad girl, and all about black eyeliner. Here's the details.

  • Look Like a Million Bucks (and Maybe Olivia Munn) for $15

    Kerri Russell and Olivia Munn stepped out recently in an almost identical, super-glam look that looked amazing on both: fiery orange-red lips, winged-out,'60s-inspired eyeliner and natural, glowing skin. Here's how to get the look for under $15 total.

  • Who Needs Paint? Artist Creates Celeb Portraits out of Makeup

    Makeup artist Maxine Ayre was just doodling around in front of her TV, watching The Face when she started sketching out the show’s star, supermodel Naomi Campbell. Using a color chart (what makeup artists use to color in and chart makeup on) she began to shade in and shadow Campbell’s well-known features, and within hours had created a flawless portrait of the star—made up entirely of makeup from her kit.

  • This Is 40 — If You're Kate Moss

    Our girl is all grown up today.

  • When Perfume Attacks: What to Do When You've Put on Too Much

    Wearing too much perfume can have dramatic consequences: it can get you fired, or suggest to the world that you are depressed. Or just be flat out annoying, booth to you and those around you. It's also maybe the most difficult thing in the world to fix after the fact.

  • Stars Rock Dark Red Lips at Golden Globes. We Approve.

    At Sunday's Golden Globe Awards we noticed a sexy, vampy newcomer on the red carpet: Dark, cherrywine lips.

  • Yes, You Actually Can Make a Manicure Last. Here's How.

    Want to skip the chips and keep those nails looking presentable a week (or even longer) after you got your last manicure? It may sound like a recipe for disappointment, but getting that manicure to stay pretty and (nearly) perfect for days and days can be done. To find out how, Yahoo Shine went straight to the experts, Jin Soon Choi, celebrity manicurist and founder of Jin Soon Nail Spas in New York City, and Nadine Abramcyk, founder of tenoverten nail salons, to get tips on how to make that manicure last so long you'll be sick of that shade before you notice the first ding.

  • 'EE' Creams Are Coming! A Primer on the (Increasingly Silly) Double-Letter Beauty Trend

    In 2011 BB creams hit the American market like a supernova, promising all sorts of skin-saving miracles — shrink your pores, reduce fine lines, get rid of acne — in one single step. Two things happened: One, women went wild, and proceeded to buy up the stuff in droves. And, two, cosmetic companies jumped on the double-letter bandwagon with wild abandon, hoping to cash in on the craze. The result? An influx of CC creams, followed by DD creams and now — you guessed it — EE creams.

  • Our 7 Favorite Workout Videos: The Weird, the Wonderful, and the Way Intense

    Workout DVDs are the best. In the privacy of your own home you can be as silly, slow or boisterous as you want, no over-achieving chicks distracting you up front and no shame in pausing midway to catch your breath. Here’s a roundup of best new ones, absolute classics, and completely silly ones (that you know you want) that will get you that much closer to your new years goal. Or just flat out entertain you.

  • Hair Styling Innovations to Make Getting Ready a Cinch

    A new wave of high tech hair toys is making it possible for everyone to be their own hair styling guru: A perfect storm of high tech gadgetry, genius ideas and klutz-proof ease, these brilliant hair tools are so good, you barely need to do anything yourself except add hair and then strut down the street like you just stepped out of a salon.