Ellen's Good News

    Ellen's Good News

  • Not Only Did This 91-Year-Old Marathon Runner Break a Record, She Raised $90,000 for Her Cause

    Harriette Thompson is 91 years old, has run 15 marathons since 1998, raised $90,000 for cancer research, and just broke a record for the fastest marathon in her age group. "I've only done one marathon a year," Thomspon tells the Good News Blog, as if that weren't a significant accomplishment. Thompson began running marathons when she was 76 as a way to raise money for cancer research.

  • Serena Williams Shows Us All How to Crash a Wedding

    If Serena Williams is gonna crash a wedding, she's definitely going to do it in style. Accordingly, the tennis superstar and Olympic gold medalist decided to quickly pop into one lucky couple's ceremony in Miami Beach over the weekend, wearing nothing but a leopard-print swimsuit!

  • Not Your Average Subway Conductor.

    When the subway took a pause last week, the train conductor stepped out from behind the wheel, and did something unexpected -- he sang! Actually, he didn't just sing, he led a group of singers in a rousing rendition of a Sam Cooke's "Another Saturday Night." The cute video was posted to YouTube Saturday by Ari Bayme, and it's a definite mood booster. "The subway conductor then opens the door and says, 'That was pretty good guys, but what about a little Sam Cooke?' The conductor starts singing, as the subway group comes up to the front of the train to join him."

  • Meet the Inspiring Athlete Who Has Competed in the Special Olympics Since 1968

    Amelia Hernandez began her career in the Special Olympics at age 11. Amelia was born November 10, 1956 and grew up with her mother, Connie Hernandez, on the west side of Chicago. It was clear that Amelia had a developmental disability, and she didn't begin to speak until she was 5 years old.

  • Baby Panda Battles Against His Greatest Nemesis, a Sturdy Piece of Bamboo

    This baby panda struggling to take down a bamboo plant may be the greatest wrestling match we've ever seen.

  • Even Elephants Aren’t Immune to the Selfie Craze

    Get ready for the latest iteration of the selfie. Behold, the Elephant Selfie, or the Elfie.

  • Could This Bowler Have Hit the Longest Strike of All Time?

    A bowler in Virginia decided he needed more of a challenge than a typical lane provides, and decided to try rolling the ball from the entrance doors of the alley -- a 120-foot stretch that was twice the length of a normal lane.

  • Fish Plays Dead, Dog Totally Falls for It

    Jazzy the Dog met her first fish the other day, and clearly didn't know what she was in for.

  • Baby’s First Laughing Fit Has Us in Stitches

    Laughter is contagious, and we can't stop chuckling while watching this 3-month-old baby and daddy crack up!

  • Soldier Adopts the Dog that Saved His Life

    Military working dogs are just as worthy of honor and respect as their human colleagues. She managed to attack and subdue the shooter, saving her handler, Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald, and the other members of their team.

  • From Homeless to Georgetown University, Teen Will Stop at Nothing to Succeed

    Rashema Melson proves that very little can hinder a girl with a dream and a mind to see something through to realization. The 18-year-old high school senior from D.C. graduates this year with a 4.0 grade point average and a full scholarship to Georgetown University, where she aims to study biology and eventually earn her medical degree. Despite the transitional period, Melson kept her grades on top, and graduates this spring as valedictorian of her class at Anacostia High School. The exceptional teen plans to study biology at Georgetown in the fall, and go into the field of forensic psychology.

  • Preschooler’s Graduation Speech Inspires Us All to Dream Big

    Preschooler Jathan Muhar got right to the point when he accepted his diploma this week in front of an audience of his peers, friends, family and teachers.

  • Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ Gets a New Voice in This College Student’s Fantastic Performance

    Josh Turner might be a 21-year-old college senior, but he's got the soul of musical legends. The guitarist and singer-songwriter from Indianapolis recently posted a cover of Paul Simon's "Graceland" to YouTube, and it sounds like a recording from decades past. Timeless, southern sweet, and carefree, Turner's rendition of the title track from Simon's album is quickly gaining the attention of the online community, which seems taken by the sophisticated rhythm and tone he embodies. Turner tells the Good News Blog that music has been part of his routine since he was a kid.

  • This is the World’s Most Polite Cat

    Cats aren't generally known for being the most courteous creatures. We've seen cats get into places they shouldn't, remain indifferent to making their friends late, and shamelessly hog the camera from their owner.

  • This French Bulldog is the Boss of Instagram

    It seems appropriate that the dog with one of the most followed Instagrams would be named Boss. Meet Boss, a 3-year-old French Bulldog living in Stockholm, Sweden. This dark-haired pooch boasts a big personality, and an even bigger web presence -- he has nearly 183,000 followers, making his page the most followed animal Instagram in Europe. Whether he's playing outside, rocking a cool set of shades, or being caught in an introspective moment, Boss loves the camera. "He acts like a celebrity," his owner Olof tells The Local. "People who have photographed him tell me that they think he even poses in pictures. Not for me, though, I have to cheat the system and hold up a treat." Check out our gallery to see why this adorable pup has taken over the world, and see more of Boss at his Instagram.

  • Check Out Ellen’s Favorite Bad Paid-For Photos!

    Once upon a time, we all thought we looked awesome in photographs. With the power of hindsight, it's clear that almost everyone has a collection of bad paid-for photos hidden in their past! <p> Ellen loves sharing her viewers' unfortunate yearbook photos, funny family portraits and horrible headshots, and the Good News blog is highlighting some of the best (or is it worst?) of the bunch. </p> <p> Check out even more Bad Paid-For Photos <a rel="nofollow" title="" target="_blank" href="http://www.ellentv.com/tags/BadPaidForPhotos/">here</a>, and <a rel="nofollow" title="" target="_blank" href="http://photos.ellen.warnerbros.com/galleries/bad_paid_for_photos#304983">send in your own regrettable glamour shot, too</a>! <br> </p>

  • Do-Gooding Skateboarders Give Back… Again!

    The last time we saw the guys from Intro 2 Skateboarding, a youth development program in Southern California, they told the Good News blog about being inspired by Ellen to go out and help people in need. They used the JCPenney gift cards they received during a taping of the show to surprise a needy family with a shopping spree. Inspired by their kindhearted act, Ellen surprised them with two $500 gift cards to JCPenney so they could continue their quest to pay it forward. Zac Archuleta, Founder of Intro 2 Skateboarding, was on the lookout for a new deserving family, and the moment he met the Jensens, he knew he found it.

  • Dog Doesn’t Understand All the Hoopla About New Baby

    After witnessing the making of one too many baby videos, a cute little Dachshund decided enough is enough. After all, the baby is just sitting there!

  • Baby’s First Experience with Bubbles Results in Non-Stop Giggling

    "Two weekends ago we set up a little pool in our backyard to enjoy the day, and got out the bubbles," Laura Beech from Ruston, Louisiana tells the Good News blog. Her 8-month-old son Eli was entranced by the bubbles, and broke into giggles whenever they were blown in his direction.

  • Your Biggest Competition in Jenga is This Cat

    One cat has not only learned how to play Jenga, he's sneaking in moves out of turn, and finding himself noticeably stressed when he gets behind in the game.