• 8 Adorable St. Paddy's Day Get-Ups for Baby

    Who doesn't love St. Patrick's Day? It's a time to celebrate Irish heritage, leprechauns, rainbows and the saint himself with a pint of Guinness or the seasonal Shamrock Shake. Want to get baby in on that celebration? Here are 8 green St. Paddy's Day get-ups for your little leprechaun that will put her in the no-pinching zone. -By Andrea Wada Davies MORE ON BABYZONE 20 green-hued baby names It's cool to drool: 13 fun baby bibs 9 St. Patrick's Day recipe ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

  • Dads Latch on to Project Breastfeeding... But Does it Make a Difference?

    I'm at a loss as to how pictures of shirtless men is going to inspire companies to make it easier for nursing mothers to pump at work, or even start offering real maternity leaves instead of the legally mandated FMLA. I hate to sound cynical, but it seems that our Western society thinks you can solve almost any problem with a glossy ad campaign. And a lot of those problems involve not adequately supporting women and mothers with affordable heath care, paid maternity leave, easy access to birth control and affordable childcare. None of which can be solved with an ad campaign featuring shirtless men holding babies.

  • 5 Coconut Oil Uses for Baby

    The magic of coconut oil isn't just for the grown-ups. Check out 5 different ways you can utilize coconut oil for baby. -By Tracy Brennan MORE ON BABYZONE 10 unbelievable alternative uses for breast milk Gluten-free lactation cookies for the milk makin' momma Moms answer: You ate what while pregnant?!

  • 5 Great Inventions from the History of Motherhood

    March is Women's History Month, so what better time to delve into the history of motherhood and take a look back at the invention of products designed to make being a mom a little easier? From baby bottles to breast pumps, here's a round up of what 5 must-haves for babies looked like when they were first created. -By Jacqueline Tourville MORE ON BABYZONE 5 weird ways childbirth has changed me physically Why plugged in parenting works for one mom 6 eyebrow-raising innovations in child birth

  • 5 Tips for Getting Your Baby to Nap in the Crib

    Truth time: I didn't teach my firstborn to nap, the babysitter did. When it came time to teach the second child to nap, I was at a loss. I spent a lot of time texting the babysitter for input and advice and it took a month, but we finally got the crib nap to work. Here are five tips that helped my baby transition from napping in my arms and in the car seat to the crib. -By Lyz Lenz MORE ON BABYZONE 5 white noise apps for your baby Regular bedtimes are more important than you realized 11 sleep safety products for baby

  • 5 St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Toddlers & Preschoolers

    In honor of those little leprechauns at your house and mine, we've made nine toddler and preschooler-friendly dishes. From rainbows to Irish recipes made kid-friendly to food gone green, these are some of our favorite ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the kitchen. -By Charity Curley Mathews MORE ON BABYZONE 10 healthy foods to get toddlers hooked on today! "Green is gross!" and other toddler food rules 10 tricks for getting kids to eat their food

  • How Going to Grandma and Grandpa's House is like Going to Vegas for My Baby

    When you are an adult and you want to let loose, you want to feel free and get crazy, you go to Vegas. There you can see, do, eat, wear, be anything you want, whenever you want. It's a place to escape the daily routine and the normal rules of life. Well, there's a "Vegas" that exists for my 16-month old daughter (and my 11-year old son) and it's their grandparents' house. Here are some ways that Gramps and Gram's house is the G-Rated, baby-version of Sin City. Viva Las Grandparents! -By Andrea Wada Davies MORE ON BABYZONE 12 timeless gifts for grandparents from baby 8 pregnancy and baby questions that are NO ONES business 8 ways to parent as if you were a grandparent

  • Blame it on the Hormones: 5 Effects Hormones Can Have on Women

    From PMS to pregnancy to menopause, hormones--those messengers of womanhood--can affect everything from your complexion to your mood to the size of your midriff. Here are at least five things you can blame on hormones. -By Andrea Wada Davies MORE ON BABYZONE 15 things NO ONE tells you about your postpartum body 8 of the most embarrassing pregnancy stories 13 things one mom doesn't miss about being pregnant

  • 7 Children's Music Albums that Parents Can Groove To, Too

    Want to play music for your little one that has toddler-appropriate lyrics but isn't sung by a cartoon, a puppet or a grown man dressed like a dinosaur? In other words, want to play music for junior that entertains children without ostracizing adults? Here are 7 albums intended to delight the youngsters and parents, alike. -By Andrea Wada Davies MORE ON BABYZONE 7 celebrity moms share their favorite lullabies Kiddie music that won't give you a headache A first birthday celebration for my Beyonce loving daughter

  • 10 Green-Hued Baby Names

    In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are 10 baby names with some green undertones for your lucky little bundle of joy! -By Tracy Brennan MORE ON BABYZONE 12 British names that are so stuffy, they're cool 15 Celtic baby names 12 colorful baby names

  • Twice the Fun: 5 Baby Shower Gifts for Twins

    Know someone who's expecting twins? I've got a roundup of baby shower and new baby gifts that are a double dose of adorable (and practical)! -By Ellen Schmidt MORE ON BABYZONE Gorgeous unisex nursery inspirations 8 shower themes for twins 7 custom baby shower gifts

  • New Study: Breastfeeding Might Be Overrated

    Research led by Cynthia Colen, assistant professor of sociology at Ohio State University, reveals that the advantages of breastfeeding may be inflated. Colen's research tried to do what no other breastfeeding study has done before, namely control for selection bias.

  • A New Mom's Guide to Internet Acronyms

    When I was a FTM, newly PG, I became addicted to a message board on a very popular site for moms. I called them "the boards" and would frequently begin conversations with my husband by saying, "Well, the girls on the boards say..." He begged me to quit. But I was addicted. I found it deeply therapeutic to immerse myself in world of women talking and griping about cervical fluid, mucous plugs and who was gaining the least pregnancy weight. It was only after the pregnancy hormones exited my body, and my baby was six months old, did I finally break myself of the habit. The world of online forums is an entire culture of it's own with it's own rules, etiquette and language. Here is a brief primer to the most relevant acronyms. If you need more, here is a full list of baby board abbreviations. Good luck. -By Lyz Lenz MORE ON BABYZONE 5 weird ways childbirth has changed me physically How to spot a new mom: 11 tell-tale signs 10 Facebook rules for new moms

  • 6 Classic Italian Boy Names

    These 12 Old World Italian boy names are sure to be fit for any bouncing bambino.. -By Esther Carlstone MORE ON BABYZONE 12 British names that are so stuffy, they're cool 20 green-hued baby names 14 bellissima Italian girl's names

  • 7 Ideas for Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

    Having a co-ed baby shower? Here are some games that will be sure to keep guests of both genders entertained and having fun. -By Andrea Wada Davies MORE ON BABYZONE Baby shower games dads will love too (seriously!) Should all baby showers be co-ed? 12 delicious recipes for a co-ed shower

  • New Research Reveals Naps Help Preschoolers Learn Better

    For me, when my preschooler doesn't nap, the witching hour, which begins around 4 PM in my house, tends to be way worse when a nap is not had thus making it tough for both my daughter and I. Suffice it to say, I do all I can to make sure she gets a nap in, though it doesn't always happen despite my best efforts. New research suggests, though, that naps for preschoolers are more than just to help quell all the moodiness, but rather regular napping helps these preschool aged children learn better. It's not just about being well-rested to deal with the day's tasks, but rather getting enough slumber actually helps preschoolers to absorb more information as their day progresses.

  • An Ode to Single Parenthood

    My husband has just arrived home after a month long stint working at the Winter Games in Sochi. As a media professional, he had a few hurdles to overcome with housing and food (you certainly read all about it) and sufficed to say, he was as ready to come home as we were to have him.

  • Preterm Babies Benefit from More "Adult Talk"

    If you're a mom to a preterm baby, adding these 100 words (or any 100 extra words) to how much you say to your baby may make a big difference in your child's speech development, according to new research linking adult speech exposure in preterm infants with their later speech development as toddlers. It's long been recognized that preterm infants are at higher risk for language delays. In the new study, published in the March 2014 issue of Pediatrics, researchers from a hospital in Rhode Island recorded 16 hours of sounds in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The goal was to test the connection between the amount of talking a baby was exposed to at what would have been week 32 and week 36 of pregnancy (if the baby had been born full-term) and how well the baby scored on certain speech development tests at 18 months.

  • Why a Kale-Eating Baby Irks Us so Much

    I know Slate is an edgy site but what does the world gain with headlines like this one: "Your Kale-Eating Baby Does Not Impress Me"? In this saucy article, Jessica Grose describes the "smug" attitude conveyed by another blog post, this one in The New York Times' Motherlode. When the Times writer adopted "baby led weaning" (giving babies soft finger foods as first foods instead of purees) and wrote enthusiastically about how easily her baby took to it, that was it. An e-fight practically broke out. She's "adding more fuel to the fire of what she refers to as breast versus bottle 2. ...

  • An Open Letter to All Grandmas

    To All The Grandmas: