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  • Alternative Education: These Kids Don’t Go to School

    Homeschooling has become more and more commonplace across the country, but have you heard of 'unschooling'? It's a form of homeschooling where the child picks everything they want to learn about, and when they'll learn it. There aren't textbooks, worksheets, or tests - there isn't even a curriculum!Jeff Probst dedicated a show to the alternative ways that children learn, and in this clip, he talks with Dayna Martin, a mother who is unschooling all four of her children. ...

  • Are You Prepared in Case a Disaster Strikes?

    Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Natural disasters are scary thoughts, and they happen all the time. How prepared are you should a disaster strike? Do you have an emergency kit filled with necessary supplies? Meet Aton Edwards. He is the Executive Director of the International Preparedness Network, and was featured on the National Geographic Channel show "Doomsday Preppers." In this clip from "The Jeff Probst Show," Aton shares with Jeff some helpful tips about what every family should have ready to go in case the unthinkable should occur. ...

  • The Photo that Jillian Michaels Regrets, and the Guy that Lost 165 Pounds!

    "The Jeff Probst Show" devoted an entire hour to weight loss, and featured some unbelievable stories! One of those stories actually belongs to a staffer who works on the show. David Garcia used to weigh 402 pounds a few years ago… but he's lost 165 pounds, and has kept it off for almost two years! In this clip, Jeff sees, for the first time, what David used to look like, and David shares one of the keys to his success:

  • Transgender Myths, Debunked!

    It's not easy being born with the wrong body, but that's exactly how transgender people feel. "The Jeff Probst Show" recently dedicated an hour-long show to meeting some inspiring transgender people and their families.

  • Online Dating: When Should You Meet Someone in Real Life?

    Lots of us have tried online dating - even Jeff Probst has confessed to trying it! But when is the right time to meet someone in person that you've been chatting with online? Should you get to know them pretty well through emails, messaging, and texting, or arrange to meet up early on? In this Backstage Bonus from "The Jeff Probst Show," sex and relationship expert Emily Morse weighs in with her opinion on the matter.

  • Living with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is No Fairy Tale

    Can you imagine sleeping through your birthday? Or Christmas? How about Halloween? Although it shares its name with a beloved princess, Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is nothing to dream about. Officially known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome, this rare neurological disorder results in episodes where patients sleep for 17-20 hours a day, for weeks at a time. The time spent awake isn't productive, because the patient is often in a sleepwalking-like state and has regressed to childlike behavior, and, at the conclusion of the episode, has no recollection that anything abnormal has happened.

  • How Can Women Increase Their Sex Drive?

    In this Backstage Bonus from "The Jeff Probst Show," sex and relationship expert Emily Morse addresses an issue that women all over the world face: decreasing sex drive. Specifically, is there an over-the-counter product that can help women boost their libido?

  • How Pornography is Changing the Way We Have Sex

    Pornography is big business, and more people watch it than you may think! Forty percent of Americans confess to regularly visiting pornographic web sites, and according to internet entrepreneur Cindy Gallop, it's changing the way we're having sex, and not necessarily for the better. In this clip from "The Jeff Probst Show," Cindy says that "99.9% of all mainstream porn is made by men for men. As a result, we now have an entire generation of guys and girls growing up believing that the be-all end-all of sex is to get the man off. That is not good for women."

  • Sexually Compatible: How Do You Know?

    Sexual compatibility certainly isn't the only element of a successful relationship, but it's an important one. So what happens when there's someone new in your life, and your first time being intimate together doesn't go as well as you would've liked? Is it a sign that you two just aren't meant to be? How long does it take to know if you're sexually compatible anyway?

  • Kristen Bell’s “Awkward” First Date with Dax Shepard

    Kristen Bell joined Jeff Probst for a hike in the Hollywood Hills, where she dished the dirt on her first date with Dax Shepard, the leading man in her life. Kristen says it was "a tiny bit awkward" - watch the video and hear her say why!

  • What’s the Normal Sex Drive for Men?

    How does your man stack up against other men in the bedroom? Is he always hankering for intimacy, or is his libido set at a lower level? What's the normal sex drive for men, anyway?

  • Jennie Garth: "I Just Don't Know How to Date!"

    You'd think that big-time Hollywood stars like Jennie Garth wouldn't have any trouble meeting men. But the recently-divorced Jennie, star of the new Lifetime movie "The Eleventh Victim," would strongly disagree. In fact, she tells Jeff Probst that "I just don't know how to date!"

  • How to Teach Your Kids to Help Out Around the House

    On 'The Jeff Probst Show' today, Jeff's guests today were women who were so tired of doing all the housework that they decided to go on strike. While striking can bring attention to the situation, it's not always the best solution. Licensed psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser suggests getting children involved in housework early - maybe even earlier than you think!

  • Nothing's Beyond Reach for the Woman Without Arms!

    Tisha Shelton is a congenital amputee - she was born without arms, and with one leg shorter than the other. But, despite her differences, Tisha is proving she's capable of anything!

  • Whoa! Blossom’s Joey Lawrence on Becoming a Chippendale

    You might know Joey Lawrence from the '90s sitcom "Blossom." Or maybe you voted for him when he competed on "Dancing With the Stars." You could be a big fan of "Melissa & Joey," his current hit sitcom on ABC Family. But did you know Joey was a Chippendale?