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  • Beyoncé’s Diets Are the Most Effective I Have Ever Tried

    I have seen Beyoncé's HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, a startling number of times. There are so many parts I like: When Beyoncé brings her computer into an elevator and films herself in the elevator. When Beyoncé talks to a mysterious man off-camera who is wearing glasses. When Beyoncé says, "Life is but a dream!" to Jay-Z and Feist is playing in the background.

  • A Music Festival Finally Banned Native-American-Style Headdresses

    Not everyone (for example: Karl Lagerfeld, assorted Kardashians) has gotten the memo about Native-American headdress appropriation. But at least one music festival has. Canada's popular EDM festival Bass Coast will be banning all Native-American-style headdresses on those who are not actually Native-American.

  • Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Blog Looks like a Horror Movie

    Blake Lively has just officially launched Preserve, her very own internet emporium. It looks like a promotional website for a horror movie in 2005.

  • Charlize Theron and Sean Penn: Engaged?

    As rare as seeing an infrequently seen bird in a primordial forest or a snow leopard in the tundra, some nature photographers spotted something equally unique and fascinating on Wednesday: Charlize Theron with a sparkling rock fastened to a finger, a finger that indicates a commitment to committing to marriage. The ring could possibly originate from Sean Penn, another human on earth, who has been standing close to Charlize Theron for about six months.

  • 4 Ways to Wear a Straw Hat like a Street-Style Star

    By Rebecca Ramsay, The Cut A quick survey of street style from Pitti Uomo, menswear shows, and Couture reveals that this summer, the fashion crowd is embracing shady straw hats in a big way. Florence saw well-dressed men - like Munsoo Kwon, Sam Lambert, and Ouigi Theodore - effortlessly pulling off the trend, while in Florence, Margherita Rovelli paired a boater with a sweet Peter Pan-collared dress. In Milan, Esther Quek wore her wide-brimmed hat with a ladylike outfit: a long maxi skirt, white dress shirt, and chandelier earrings. Luckily, it's a trend that's easy to adapt, even if you're not making the fashion-week rounds - a straw hat is the perfect accessory for a long, summer road trip, a day at the beach, or running errands in the city. And the options are plentiful: classic Panama hats, wide-brim silhouettes, and boater styles each present a quick way to change your look and add a more thoughtful approach to accessorizing. Click through the slideshow ahead to see our favorite straw hats for summer, and how the street-style set wears them. For more outfit ideas from street style stars, head over to The Cut. See more from The Cut: 20 Pairs of Timelessly Stylish Summer Shades Terrifying GIFs of Blake Lively's Lifestyle Website 13 Ways to Stay Cool in a Summer Vest 50 Shades of Grey and The Devil Wears Prada Are Basically the Same Movie My Week Living Like Shailene Woodley

  • 8 Must-Have Pieces of Chic, Delicate Summer Jewelry

    By Arielle Cabreja, The Cut Summer brings with it airy dresses, breezy tops, and light jewelry - necklaces and chains so delicate they don't weigh you down in 90-degree heat. This season, there are a host of new barely there rings, earrings, and necklaces perfect for throwing on alone (to achieve a minimal look) or all together for a stacked effect. From a long Maria Black chain to a thin gold-and-turquoise ring by Jennifer Meyer, click through our slideshow for 8 of our favorite 21 unique pieces. For all 21 pieces, click through to The Cut. See more from The Cut: The 45 Most Gorgeous, Famous Jewels of All Time Mix and Match: How to Wear Summer's Easy 2-Bracelet Trend The 50 Best Cult and Classic Lip Shades of All Time Prince George's First Year, According to 31 Tabloid Captions 50 Flat Sandals and the Nail Polish to Match

  • Christian Louboutin Nail Polish is Coming Out Next Month

    The long-awaited Christian Louboutin beauty collection has arrived. Come August, the brand will release its nail-polish collection of over 30 shades, reports WWD. The hero shade of the line is, of course, Rouge Louboutin. Fifty dollars gets you one glossy Louboutin polish "object," encased in a bottom-weighted, pointy, calligraphy-inspired bottle with 16 facets.

  • Expert Lingerie-Wearer Britney Spears is Designing Her Own Underwear Line

    From the moment Britney Spears sauntered into pop stardom with "Baby One More Time," she had a bra peeking out from an incorrectly fastened shirt. Since, she has covered the world's premiere music magazine, Rolling Stone, in her underwear five times (silky retro matching set, lacy lingerie, small bottoms, plain normal underwear that humans actually wear, strange camo getup).

  • Zara is About to Make Fast Fashion Even Faster

    Zara is a retailer that's not exactly known for dragging its feet: How else would it get Zalenciaga and Zéline out to us on time? Reuters reports that the Spanish fast-fashion giant is instituting a new radio-frequency-based tagging system that will help move things along even faster. For you, the customer, that means that sold-out items (like pieces worn by a celebrity) can be quickly replenished and in-demand sizes will be more readily available. Get ready to be even more addicted.

  • Prince George Has His First Very Own Royal Impostor

    Baby Prince George has gotten his very own impersonator, who is another baby in England, who doesn't look like him at all. This other tiny young thing was selected from a competition by a baby clothes company, despite a clear lack of resemblance. Both are pale little babies. Both are young. Reportedly, both are into their pet dogs. Both have chubby baby cheeks, but those are a dime a dozen in the baby community, yes? Anyway: Another cute baby exists in England.

  • Beyoncé’s Clothes Get the Museum Treatment

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced that it will display a selection of Beyoncé's most iconic dresses from throughout her career.

  • The Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

    By Katie Capri, The Cut Hunter S. Thompson had his yellow aviators, Kurt Cobain his Christian Roths, and Audrey Hepburn her cat-eyed lenses: Many icons of the last hundred years have reached their status with a mix of attitude and a really badass pair of sunglasses. Maybe they first wore their glasses for convenience (in the case, of, say, Jackie O. in Capri) or as a means of protection (V. Stiviano), but no matter: Certain sunglasses are now synonymous with the people who first made them famous. Take, for example, Kanye's shutter glasses (of the "Stronger" era) and Elton John's pink-palm shades. Click through to see 10 of the 50 most iconic shades - from Lolita to Lady Gaga - because, after all, everyone looks hotter in sunglasses. For all 50 of the most iconic sunglasses of all time, head over to The Cut. See more from The Cut: 20 Pairs of Timelessly Chic Summer Sunglasses See 25 of the Most Badass Celebrities in Biker Jackets The 50 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time 40 Chic Celebrities Wearing Head-to-Toe White The 50 Best Cult and Classic Lip Shades of All Time

  • Kate Bosworth Made a Fashion App

    Kate Bosworth is getting into the app market. Women's Wear Daily reports that the actress is launching a fashion app called Style Thief, in partnership with American Rag Cie co-owner Larry Russ. True to its tagline "Snap and Steal," the app will allow you to snap a photo of an item and buy it instantly. (So much for just asking someone, "Where'd you get those shoes?") Explains the 31-year-old actress: "Everyone has fashion envy. ...

  • Tory Burch Joins the Wearable-Tech Fray

    Tory Burch is launching an accessories collection for Fitbit Flex, the wrist-friendly fitness tracker. "Wearable technology is an exciting new category," said the designer in a statement. "We're thrilled to be partnering with Fitbit to offer a unique collection of accessories that transform the fitness tracker into a stylish piece of jewelry that is versatile enough to go from day to evening." The collection includes a $175 brass pendant, a $195 brass bracelet, and a $38 silicone bracelet, featuring Burch's signature prints.

  • Gisele Makes Insane Amounts of Money

    Every now and again, Forbes just likes to reinforce that Gisele, the magazine's Highest Paid Model for All Eternity, makes so much money. Specifically, $386 million during her career as a model. In yet another breakdown of her wealth, Forbes finds that in nearly a decade of sitting atop the money heap Gisele had her most lucrative year ever in 2013. She made $47 million, or $128,000 a day, by adding major contracts with H&M and Chanel to her roster.

  • Blake Lively Gave a Creepy Name to Her Lifestyle Blog

    Blake Lively, whisper of walking sunshine, has been launching a lifestyle website for eons. Finally, she has announced the name of this internet site: She shall call it Preserve. Yes, like mashed and cured fruit in dusty jars; in reference to the thing that happens to petrified wood, or cryogenically frozen beings, or the tucked and nipped faces of the elderly. Those are all things, like Blake Lively's future website, that have been preserved. So looking forward to the formal release of this beautiful, dark, twisted, aspirational lifestyle fantasy.

  • Does Lululemon Want You to Die or Something?

    The red tote bags given away by yogawear company and PR-disaster Lululemon are chock-packed with phrases that seemed to be the same hippie-dippie nonsense on the tags of tea bags or inside of chocolate wrappers. Amazingly, this is not so. Lululemon's manifesto, as written in different-size fonts on their disposable purses, is actually a series of morbid caterwauls of death.

  • See Kim, J.Law, & All the Celebs at Couture Week

    By Leah Rodriguez, The Cut Couture, the crème de la crème of fashion weeks, wrapped up in Paris yesterday. And, as usual, it was a circus of editors, street-style stars - and a few intrepid celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence gamely mauled Emma Watson's face, Kristen Stewart showed up in some cropped mesh palazzo pants, and Jared Leto wore some Chanel ladies' jeans as a show of support. Click through for 5 of our favorite celebrities in Paris. For all the celebrities who showed up at Couture, head over to The Cut. See more from The Cut: Jennifer Lawrence Knows Her Falling Is Annoying to You See the Best, Worst and Craziest Looks from the BET Awards Kendall Jenner Is Taking Over Kouture One Lover's Journey From Cara Delevingne to Zac Efron Editor's Picks: The 5 Best Looks From Couture

  • Woman Realizes Her Life’s Passion is Bridesmaiding, Takes Out Craigslist Ad

    An accomplished friend and 26-year-old living in New York has realized her vocation: She was made to bridesmaid. She was born to bridesmaid. Bridesmaid she shall, until death does everyone part.

  • Want to Be a L’Oréal Model? Become a Soccer Fan

    Pretty girl gets "discovered" in a mall, at Jamba Juice, or in the corn-fed fields of the Midwest. Or, in the case of one 17-year-old, cheering on Belgium during the World Cup while wearing devil ears and red and black face paint could make you the new face of L'Oréal Professional. The Telegraph reports that Axelle Despiegelaere, an attractive Belgian soccer fan, went instantly viral after photographers discovered her in the stands. Her Facebook account purportedly has 23,000 fans.