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    Relationships The Shine

  • Is your baby ruining your sex life?

    Juggling family, career, baby feedings, and functioning on very little sleep can take a toll on intimacy. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, OB-GYN, and author of the new book, " Your Body Beautiful” has some advice on how to get your mojo back in the bedroom, post-baby, and why it’s important for your relationship. From couple's therapy to sex toys, there are safe and helpful ways to resume intimacy with your partner after having a baby.

  • Did you know it's breakup season?

    It's officially breakup season so we enlisted relationship guru Andrea Syrtash to break down the dos and don'ts of dumping.

  • Biggest fears of the newly single

    Harvard attorney, couples mediator and bestselling author of "Fight Less, Love More" (now out in paperback) Laurie Puhn identifies the biggest fears of the newly single and how the newly single can conquer those fears and move happily forward.

  • Are you guilty of ghosting?

    Relationship and dating expert Andrea Syrtash talks about the latest trend in dating. It's called "ghosting", and it's when a guy or girl is dating someone and they vanish- they stop texting, calling, and emailing the person they are in an apparent relationship with. Syrtash has advice on how to avoid ghosting, and what to do if you've been ghosted.

  • New rules for dating via Facebook

    A guide to dating etiquette in the age of social networks, especially Facebook. Relationship expert and author of “He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing)” Andrea Syrtash, has advice on how to behave and engage on social media when you're dating.

  • The NEW prenup

    As the focus on finance intensifies when a couple gets married, TheNest.com's Christine Solomon breaks down the NEW prenup.

  • How to cheat on your husband (with your husband)

    Cheating in your marriage...with your husband.

  • Why women are usually better at cheating (Kristen Stewart, are you listening?)

    Relationship expert Cooper Lawrence tells why women are better cheaters than men.

  • Common dating advice that actually backfires

    The most useless dating advice to avoid

  • Who's in your gaggle?

    Dating rules in a post dating world

  • How to spice things up in the bedroom

    How to spice things up behind closed doors.

  • What Men Really Think of Your Beach Style

    Men's Health Contributor Matt Bean sits down with Alesha Renee to give the male perspective on women's behavior and style at the beach, covering all topics, including: tanning, playing beach sports, big sunglasses, sarongs, makeup, and beachy hair.

  • Why You're Not Married

    Writer and bestselling author Tracy McMillan talks about her new book "Why You're Not Married...Yet" and discusses the top reasons women are still single and what behavioral and emotional changes they can make to lead to a healthy relationship and eventually marriage.

  • Krazy Questions with Kendra

    Kendra Wilkinson stops by The Shine to dish about her new show "Kendra on Top", Jenny McCarthy posing in Playboy, Hugh Hefner, and her craziest moment at the Playboy mansion.