Angie Greenup

    Angie Greenup

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    This week, Summer Shape Up paid a visit to celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak to get the skinny on how to get the perfect abs.

  • Burn Calories with a Hula Hoop

    Getting in shape sometimes isn’t fun, but hula hooping puts a fun spin on fitness. “Summer Shape Up” stopped by the “Hoopnotica” studio to see how easy it is to shed pounds by using a hula hoop.

  • Get Jennifer Aniston's Body

    Want a body like Jennifer Aniston? Celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber stopped by “Summer Shape Up” to give us tips on how to get a killer bod like her A-list client.

  • No Gym, No Problem

    Celebrity fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen and creator of “No Gym Required” stopped by “Summer Shape Up” to share the secrets to getting fit without ever going to the gym.

  • Plan Your Meals and Shed Pounds

    Celebrity trainer and creator of “Sunday Set-Up” Kathy Kaehler gave us some great advice on meal planning for summer.

  • Five Fitness Tools that Burn Calories

    Ever wonder how to use some of the fitness tools in your gym? Well, Amy Dixon, Equinox Group Fitness Manager in Santa Monica, CA stopped by “Summer Shape Up” to give us the skinny on the coolest fitness equipment that burn calories.

  • Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner’s Secrets for Rapid Weight Loss

    This week, Summer Shape Up paid a visit to celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner to discuss her new book "10 Pounds In 10 Days," her secret formula for getting her star clients red carpet-ready.

  • Five Simple Food Rules to Lose Weight

    Celebrity trainer Bob Harper is here to discuss his new book