Kathryn Eisman

    Kathryn Eisman

  • The Best Tips for Success from Top Women in Business

    Hosting this show has been the privilege of a lifetime. Each week we have travelled across America picking the brains of some of the nation's most successful and inspiring women- all with the goal of uncovering the secrets to their success to share with you. Many of us have heard of these women, we have seen the tremendous things they have accomplished and we might even have assumed that they got there by birthright or good luck. While each of these women do have something special what we discovered was that these women are no different to you or I. ...

  • Top Five Films Picks that Give Good Career Advice

    If you're like me, you've often walked out of the movie theatre inspired and ready to take on the world! Be it the boss from hell or the end of the world, watching a female heroine triumph over her seemingly insurmountable obstacles empowers you to feel you can do the same in your own life. For inspiring stories of successful women, there's no better motivator than the silver screen. So on this week's Secrets To Your Success, popcorn in hand, I headed to the movies with Associated Press movie critic Christy Lemire, to get her favorite flicks for good female career advice. ...

  • Five Job Interview Mistakes that You Should Avoid Making

    There is only one thing between you and the ULTIMATE job…the dreaded job interview! Wouldn't it be great to know the common mistakes most of us make before the interview, so you could actually avoid them?

  • 5 Tips on What Makes a Successful Startup

    So you have a great idea for a business and dream of making millions in just a couple of years? Well, thanks to the internet anything is possible! Two women who are living proof of this are Susan Feldman and Alison Pincus, co-founders of exclusive interiors sale site, One Kings Lane. In just three years this dynamic duo have gone from a having a great idea for a business to building a company with an estimated revenue of $200 million. This week on Secrets To Your Success we get their expert tips on how to make your startup company a success.

  • Iron Chef Cat Cora Dishes on How to Work Under Pressure

    How Iron Chef Cat Cora went from cozy restaurant in small town Mississippi to the top of the international stage of competitive cooking is as inspiring and unexpected as some of her famous dishes.

  • How to Find Your Voice and Face Your Fears

    Finding your own voice can be daunting, especially in a world of bullies and bureaucrats. But before you slink into the corner and pretend your opinions and needs don't matter take heed of Senator Nellie Riviera O'Reilly's wise words on how you can speak up for yourself and be heard, no matter what odds you're up against.

  • Barbara Corcoran Reveals Her Tips on How to Be a Successful Businesswoman

    Many of you may know Barbara Corcoran as the New York real estate mogul who founded The Corcoran Group, a bestselling author and the canny investor on the hit TV show Shark Tank. What you may NOT know about this dynamic woman is that she turned herself from a straight D student into an A class success story by navigating her own fair share of sharks… one of them being Mr. ...

  • Designer Cortney Novogratz Shares Her Tips on How to Balance Work and Family Life

    Growing a family and a business is never easy, but one woman who seems to have done an extraordinary job of doing both, is designer and mother of, count them, SEVEN children, Cortney Novogratz.

  • 5 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss is Hard Work!

    Being the boss must be easy, right? Wrong! While we have all dreamt about running the show, being in control of our own schedules and barking orders from the corner office (instead of the other way around!), the reality of being your own boss is harder than it looks.

  • Suze Orman's Five Tips on What Women Must Know About Money

    We all dream of being financially free, but most of us don't know where to start or don't believe it's truly possible. Well, I'm here to tell you it is! To find out how we can all become the masters of our own financial destiny, we caught up with personal finance expert Suze Orman.

  • How to Deal with a Younger Boss

    Ok, so you've taken a little time off work; maybe had a baby or raised a family- and you're finally back in the office. Problem is, your new boss as about the same age as your old babysitter!It may be hard to adjust but it can be done and to find out how I headed to New York to interview executive couch and author of "The Essentials of Fabulous", Ellen Lubin Sherman.

  • Olympic Athlete's Surprising Second Career

    In the game of life, it's easy to crumble under the pressure, but some people manage to not only survive, but also thrive in high-pressure situations. For this week's Secrets To Your Success, we headed to New Jersey to interview Olympic basketball champion turned Wall Street success story, Gail Marquis. She shared her remarkable story behind this surprising and rewarding second career.

  • How to Follow Your Dream Career Path

    As children we all know exactly what we want to be when we grow up. It could be becoming a professional dancer, an orthodontist (don't laugh, that exactly what my friend wanted to be from the age of six) or in the case of a then eight year old Charlotte Phillips, to become a teacher.

  • Qualities that All Good Bosses Should Have

    Co-Owners Cindy Sakai and Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura of TH!NK talk to Kathryn Eisman about how to be a better boss and create a dream work environment.

  • How to Defy Convention by LA Dodgers' First Female Trainer

    LA Dodgers' first female trainer Sue Falsone talks to Kathryn Eisman about tips on how to defy convention.

  • How to Ask for a Raise

    Workplace champion and CEO for Women for Hire, Tory Johnson talks to Kathryn Eisman and shares some tips on how to ask for a raise.

  • How to Bring Out the Star in You

    Principal Lynn Irby-Jackson talks with Kathryn Eisman and shares insight on how to bring out your inner star!

  • How to Boost Your Self Esteem and Be Your Best Self

    I Am That Girl co-founder Emily Greener talks with host Kathryn Eisman about how to boost self esteem and become more confident in the workplace.

  • How to Make Time for a Better Life

    Author Laura Vanderkam talks to Kathryn Eisman about ways to use your time more efficiently for a better life.

  • Bouncing Back in a Down Economy

    Entrepreneur Tory Johnson talks to Kathryn Eisman about ways to get back on your feet after being fired or rejected at work.