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  • 7 Ways to Instantly Turn Him on This Valentine's Day

    <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/13/7-ways-to-instantly-turn-him-on/"><img src="http://media.zenfs.com/en-US/blogs/partner/470_2249358.0" title="ESSENCE.com" id="2249358" name="2249358" align="middle" height="355" width="250" style="" alt="ESSENCE.com" ></a> <br> Is there more fizzle than sizzle going on between your sheets? Valentine's Day is the perfect time to turn things around in an instant. <br> <br> When you're a strong and beautiful woman, it doesn't take much to capture your man's attention. Never mind splurging on expense gifts he'll forget about tomorrow. All you need is a lot of confidence and a few tricks to instantly transform the mood. <br> <br> Turn up the heat at home on the official lover's holiday with any one of these 7 sexy sneak attacks. Get ready, because he's going to be all over you, girl. (Wink!) <br> -- Charli Penn <br> <br> <b>Also on ESSENCE.com:</b> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/14/5-sexy-valentines-day-dinner-ideas/">5 Sexy Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="Sexy Bath & Body Treats" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/14/5-sexy-valentines-day-dinner-ideas/">Sexy Bath & Body Treats for Valentine's Day</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="Spontaneous Sex" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2011/06/21/sound-off-are-you-having-spontaneous-sex/">Are You Having Spontaneous Sex?</a> <b><br></b> <br>

  • Whitney Houston's Signature Style

    <a rel="nofollow" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/12/style-file-whitney-houston/"><img src="http://media.zenfs.com/en-US/blogs/partner/470_2248106.0" title="Whitney Houston" id="2248106" align="middle" height="289" width="414" name="2248106" style="" alt="Whitney Houston" ></a>Whitney Houston hit the scene as a fresh-faced model in the 1980s, and her confident sense of style came naturally. Her early days featured the fashion of the times -- funky colors, bold shoulders and menswear-inspired looks -- but she later transitioned into a more refined style, with sleek silhouettes that flattered her petite frame. <br> <br> Here, we take you back in time through the late diva's most divine looks, as she went from a girl in pretty pastels to grown-woman chic. <br> <br> Also on ESSENCE: <br> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="Whitney Houston's Life in Pictures" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/11/whitney-houston-well-always-love-you/">Whitney Houston's Life in Pictures</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="Whitney Houston Playlist" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/11/the-ultimate-whitney-houston-playlist/">The Ultimate Whitney Houston Playlist</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="Whitney Houston Dead at 48" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/02/11/celebrities-react-to-whitney-houstons-death/">Celebs React to Whitney Houston's Death</a> <br>

  • 5 Curvy Girl Fashion Tips from a Celeb Stylist

    <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/01/31/curvy-girl-style-stylist-tips-and-tricks/"><img src="http://media.zenfs.com/en-US/blogs/partner/470_2239629.0" title="Amber Riley - ESSENCE.com" id="2239629" name="2239629" align="left" height="354" width="250" alt="Amber Riley - ESSENCE.com" ></a>Celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster has worked his magic on curvy and full-figured stars ranging from Beyonce and Viola Davis to Angie Stone. <br> <br> After 20 years of mastering the tricks of the trade that keep ladies sleek and chic from the red carpet to the sidewalk, he's letting us in on the key curvy girl styling secrets. <br> <br> Take notes as he walks through his 8 great tips to keep you looking fabulous at all times. <br> <br> -- Celia Smith <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Also on ESSENCE: <ul> <li> <a rel="nofollow" title="Style Tips for Every Body Type" target="_blank" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/01/17/curvy-girl-style-5-body-types/">Curvy Girl Style: How to Dress for Your Body Type</a> </li> <li> <a rel="nofollow" title="How to Wear Dresses" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2012/01/10/curvy-girl-style-fancy-frocks/">Curvy Girl Style: How to Wear Fancy Frocks</a> </li> <li> <a rel="nofollow" title="Queen Latifah's Style" target="" href="http://www.essence.com/2011/12/12/style-file-queen-latifah/">Queen Latifah's Best Style Moments</a> </li> </ul>