Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

    Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

  • Hollywood's Most Popular Diet Crazes

    Low carb, high protein, low fat... so many diets to choose from! We take a look at the diets of our lifetime, from the 1980s Scarsdale Diet to the recently popular "Paleo Diet." Some work, some don't!

  • Emotional Fitness

    Hating your appearance doesn't burn any more calories than loving it!

  • Get the Most Out of Your Next Doctor Visit

    Have you ever left the doctor's office feeling like you didn't quite get all of your questions answered? Do you want a more effective and thorough visit next time you go in for a check-up? Try these 5 easy tips!

  • How to Meet "The One" While Running Errands!

    Too busy to find love? Think again! You can bump into "the one" when you least expect it, and that includes while you're running your errands!

  • 3 Simple Tips to Improve Communication with Your Mate

    Here's a quick and simple tip to improve your communication with your mate. Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Clinical Psychotherapist Dr. David Crausman says it's time to give up being right!

  • Do-It-Yourself Sex Makeover Plan

    Even if your libido and your partner's don't match, it doesn't mean your sex life is doomed. If you're the one who wants more, stop taking it so personally and do something to fix it!

  • 'Chill' Approach to Anger Management

    Dr. Drew's Lifechanger Marcy Cole says that experiencing anger is part of the human experience. It's what we choose to do with it that determines whether it will lead to a breakdown or breakthrough.

  • Dessert Recipes that Won't Ruin Your Diet

    Do you run to desserts to de-stress? Instead of indulging in a treat you'll feel guilty about later, try making one of these; they're healthy, easy to make, and can be ready in as quick as 5 minutes!

  • Best Ways to Deal with Acne

    Simple treatments can help you clear up your acne. First and foremost: improve your lifestyle.

  • 8 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You

    When was the last time one of your children came to you for a real heart-to-heart chat?

  • Wrinkle Skin Care Secrets Under $10!

    You don't need Botox to prevent and remove wrinkles? Say what?! Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Aesthetics Nurse Specialist Jamie Sherrill, R.N. has the lowdown.

  • Sex After a Baby? How to Get Your Mojo Back!

    Do not feel guilty or push yourself to have sex because you think everyone else is doing it. The truth is, no one is. Most are lying if they say they are, and even if they really are, most are not enjoying it like they used to.

  • Amazing 1-Day Breast Cancer Treatment!

    An amazing medical procedure that helps women with breast cancer undergo a double mastectomy followed by the reconstruction of their breasts, in a single surgery.

  • Foods to Keep Your Sex Life Juicy!

    Get in the mood for love with these natural aphrodisiacs!

  • Ramp Up Your Odds of Finding Love Online!

    If you've ever had a blowout or crashed on the "super highway of love," read on...

  • Steps to Gaining Self Confidence

    Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Lifestyle Coach Laura Baron says self confidence is all about owning, accepting, and rocking out every part of you!

  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Lose Weight!

    Have your cravings for dessert been holding you back from losing weight?

  • Can Taking Vitamins Make Up for a Poor Diet?

    If you've been taking vitamin supplements in place of your recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, Lifechanger and Nutrition Specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis thinks you should reconsider!

  • DIY Facial Mask for All Skin Types

    You would normally pay $65 for a similar mask at a famous Beverly Hills Salon, but we have the recipe to brighten and age-proof your skin you right here!

  • Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

    If you’re single on February 14th, you need to be loving the one person who counts the most -- and that person is you!