Farnoosh Torabi, Yahoo! Finance

    Farnoosh Torabi, Yahoo! Finance

  • Signs You're a Shopoholic

    Kristen Becker owns enough clothes and shoes to outfit an entire village. She shops constantly online and visits the mall at least once or twice a week. She owns more than a dozen pairs of Ugg boots, and hundreds of shirts, pants and dresses.

  • Best Cell Phones for Kids

    It's only a matter of time when your young child starts begging for a cellphone. While there's no absolute rule as to when a cell phone begins to be age-appropriate, a Pew Research study found that most parents buy their child a phone for the first time around 12 or 13 years old. In fact, 58% of 12-year-olds carry a cellphone today, up from just 18% in 2004.

  • Top Financial Advice for Women

    Women are making incredible strides. For the first time in history, we are more educated than men and hold a majority of the advanced degrees. We represent 50% of the workforce, up from 35% a generation ago. And, we make most of the household decisions, everything from buying items for the home to managing household finances.

  • One Dress, 5 Ways

    Spring is about to be sprung. That means fashion shows, outdoor parties and, of course, the upcoming wedding season, encouraging us to stretch our wardrobe dollars to the max. But what if I told you that you could wear one single dress five different ways? Stylist and fashion maven Amy Salinger explains how to take full advantage of the versatility of one single dress.

  • Beauty Money Wasters

    What's in your makeup bag? Probably more than you need. The billion-dollar cosmetic industry is known to preach the value of fancy foundation, eye cream, wrinkle cream - you name it. And more often than not, we buy into it.

  • 5 Cheap and Healthy Foods

    Locally-grown… Farm Fresh… Artisanal…. You hear these retail food "buzz" words all the time but with their hefty price tags, you have to wonder if it's all just hype.

  • Tips for a Cheaper Date Night

    The cost of a typical date night can sometimes be enough to totally kill the romance. When you add up dinner, a movie and babysitter, the average date can easily top over a hundred dollars. So whether you're just playing the field, dating or married, here are several ways to enjoy a lovely evening out without breaking the bank.

  • Gender Pricing: Why Women Pay More

    It's expensive to be a woman in this country. Collectively, we fork over $426 billion a year on our hair, nails, and beauty products. But glamour aside, for services that we all need - like insurance, housing and healthcare, - women are still paying more than men.

  • Money Discussion Every Couple Should Have

    When it comes to money and relationships, there's good news and bad news. While a majority of couples say they discuss their finances on a weekly basis, money is still a top cause for arguments. In other words, a simple money talk can quickly turn south.

  • Company Benefits You Wish You Had

    Good News for 9-to-5 workers: a survey by job search giant GlassDoor.com found that corporate perks are on the rise.

  • Why Clutter Costs You

    Just how many hundreds of unnecessary emails do you have sitting in your inbox? What about that pile of mail you stash away and forget to review until who knows when?

  • We Save 5k by Being Green

    It's not a typical sight for an urban backyard, but pet chickens are just one eco-friendly way the Tetrault family is saving money - to the tune of $5,000 a year.

  • Fitness Fads that Are a Waste of Money

    Remember the Thighmaster, sauna suits, 8 Minute Abs? Some fitness fads, despite their promises, end up being total flops. And it's all a costly obsession. We spend nearly $30 billion a year on weight loss programs, alone. And now, with so many new trends emerging in the health space, we've got a breakdown of some plans that are worth it - and others you may want to skip.

  • Unwanted Gifts: Sell, Swap or Return?

    We've all received gifts we don't really need or want, and so as you review your holiday duds this season - and you know you've probably gotten at least one - here are some tips to help you easily navigate returns, as well as some other strategies to deal with unwanted gifts.

  • Buy This, Not That: Workout Gear

    Even if you've traded in your gym membership for free workouts in the park or at home, it's easy to go overboard on workout gear. It's a multibillion-dollar industry that includes everything from yoga mats to medicine balls.

  • How to Not Break Up Over Money

    Whether you're married or just dating, money is a divisive issue in any relationship. It's a top cause of arguments, more than kids, chores, even the in-laws. In fact, research shows that couples that argue over finances at least once a week are 30% more likely to call it quits. So here's some important information to help you avoid a breakup over money.

  • 6 Gifts Your Guy Will Hate

    Picking out the right holiday gifts for loved ones is challenging enough, but when it comes to the man in your life, finding that "special something" can be especially tricky. Here's a list of gifts that your man will, most likely, hate.

  • 10 Ways to Save at the Dentist

    Dreading a trip to the dentist? While it's not the most exciting place to visit, our number one reason for skipping dental care, is actually cost - whether you're insured or not - according to the American Dental Association. For example, average out-of-pocket expenses for a simple filling, according to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, is $141 dollars for those with insurance and double for those without.

  • When to Run Your Dishwasher

    One of your home's biggest money drains can be found in your dishwasher, which accounts for a huge chunk of your home's energy usage. But, if used properly and maintained, your dishwasher can actually save you money. Consider these tips: Also See: Turn Your Shopping Addiction into Cash

  • America's Biggest Shopping Regrets

    Be honest. Ever bought anything on impulse? Chances are you have, and as a new survey finds -- often regrettably. Our Financially Fit team recently teamed up with the National Endowment for Financial Education to ask over 2,000 Americans what's your biggest shopping regret.