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    Chow Ciao

  • Fabio's Easy Stuffed French Toast

    French toast is a simple breakfast staple, but it doesn't have to be boring.  Ditch the maple syrup with Chef Fabio's Italian twist on this morning favorite, stuffed with creamy mascarpone and drizzled with a quickly made blueberry compote.  This dish is

  • Fabio's Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

    Bacon may not be the most substantial piece of meat, but it makes almost everything taste better, including other cuts of pork. Chef Fabio takes ultralean pork tenderloin, rubs it with fresh herbs and garlic, rolls it in applewood-smoked bacon, and gives

  • Simple Lemon Chicken: Fabio's Chicken Piccata

    Chicken is anything but boring with this one-pan wonder from Chef Fabio. Combining a few basic ingredients found in most kitchens, this chicken piccata is sure to become a family favorite. Ready in less than half an hour, this dish is perfect any night

  • Fabio's Perfect Chicken Potpie

    Chicken potpie is a perfect fall meal, but frozen versions are usually loaded with sodium and preservatives. Chef Fabio gives this American comfort food his signature Italian twist: a flaky Parmesan pie crust!

  • Fabio's Ultimate Pulled Pork Sandwich

    A little effort goes a long way when it comes to flavorful slow-cooker recipes! With a knockout dry rub and a simple braising liquid, Chef Fabio builds a decadent, tender pulled pork that cooks while you sleep. Finish it off with a poached egg for the ul

  • Fabio's Easy Chicken Dinner

    A homemade meal in under an hour is within reach with this one-pan wonder from Chef Fabio! Bone-in chicken breasts are the star of this simple recipe, cooked with a side of perfectly roasted root vegetables. With a dish this easy, there's no reason for

  • Fabio's Easy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    Ice cream — versatile and popular — is much easier to make at home than you might think! Chef Fabio shares an all-natural and simple recipe for this summer staple, perfect for both egg-free and gluten-free diets. Using two different forms of vanilla, this

  • Fabio's Quick Tips: Finding the Perfect Melting Cheese

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  • Fabio's Quick Tips: Choosing the Right Skewer

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  • Fabio's Quick Tips: Storing Gazpacho

    Chef Fabio’s GAZPACHO may be just be the perfect summer soup. In this Quick Tip, Fabio shares some simple tips on storing the soup so that you can enjoy a taste of summer any time of year.

  • Finger Foods: Fabio's Fried Ravioli

    When serving guests with picky palates, you can never go wrong with Fried Ravioli. Chef Fabio shares some easy tricks to make a cheesy treat perfect for kids of all ages.

  • Celebrate! Fabio's Lobster Tails with Italian-Spiced Butter

    In honor of the 100th episode of Chow Ciao!, Chef Fabio prepares an elegant steamed lobster tail with a simple Italian twist: spiced butter that’s good on anything from beef to vegetables.

  • Fabio's Award-Winning Beef Chili

    are the same. Check out Chef Fabio’s Italian twist on this one-pot wonder! With special guest Nikki Boyer.

  • Easy Italian Appetizer: Fabio's Bruschetta with Cherry Tomato Tapenade

    With dinner party guest set to arrive in just 20 minutes, Chef Fabio whips up a flavorful and impressive ten-minute bruschetta appetizer with time to spare.

  • Movie-Night Done Right: Fabio's Gourmet Popcorn

    For more videos from Chow Ciao!, click here!Elevate your movie night with Chef Fabio's simple take on flavored popcorn! Layer seasoning at every step of the process for optimum zing! Skip the microwave and the chemicals that come with it!Culinary Tips:--While the corn itself is high in dietary fiber and low in fat, microwave popcorn is full of chemicals and artificial flavors. Buy loose kernels to save money and keep things naturally nutritious.--Pancetta is an Italian cured pork, similar to bacon. Rendering the pancetta fat adds flavor to your popping oil. ...

  • Date Night: Fabio's Romantic Italian Meal

    For more videos from Chow Ciao!, click here!Save some money and bring the romance home with this easy to make, decadent meal! Utilizing a basic double-boiler method, Chef Fabio shares two indulgent recipes that combine to create a perfect romantic dinner for two: his pillowy gnocchi with three cheeses and Italian sausage, and handmade chocolate-covered strawberries!Culinary tips:--A double-boiler or bain-Marie is the perfect tool for easy melting of delicate ingredients like cheese or chocolate. ...

  • Behind the Stove: A Tribute to Joe Morabito

    Chow Ciao! with Fabio Viviani loves its fans, and we value the cooking community that has grown around our show. As such, we were devastated by the loss of one of our most enthusiastic and well-loved fans, LEP JOE MORABITO, who often cooked Chef Fabio

  • Independence Day Menu: Italian Beer-Can Chicken

    Looking for 4th of July party ideas or a perfect summer meal? Celebrate with an Italian twist on a Southern favorite: Beer Can Chicken on a charcoal grill! Chef Fabio offers plenty of tips to help you make this drunken whole chicken stand on its own!

  • Fabio's Three-Ingredient Spaghetti: Cacio E Pepe

    Who knew a dish this simple could taste this special? Chef Fabio goes back to basics with spaghetti cacio e pepe, a famous Roman dish with a sauce comprised of just three ingredients: butter For more videos from Chow Ciao!, click here!

  • Fabio's Ultimate Caesar Salad

    Kick off summer salad season right! Hail Caesar! Looking at the king of Italian dressings, Fabio takes on the Caesar with spectacular results. Grilled lettuce, perfect croutons, a to-die for dressing... yes, this is the ultimate!