Andrew Knowlton, BA Foodist, Bon Appetit Magazine

    Andrew Knowlton, BA Foodist, Bon Appetit Magazine

  • What to Do if You Hate Turkey

    By Andrew Knowlton, Bon AppetitDear BA Foodist,

  • What candy do you crave at Halloween?

    By Andrew KnowltonDear BA Foodist,My guilty pleasure is candy bars (the more sugary, the better), and at this time of year, the Halloween candy for sale everywhere is such a temptation. I feel conflicted gobbling up the candy (I usually eat fresh, local, healthy food), but I love it. Does that make

  • Healthy Snacking Tip: Try Natural Popcorn

    By Andrew KnowltonDear BA Foodist,

  • The 5 Most Worn-Out Fancy Restaurant Dishes

    By Andrew KnowltonDear BA Foodist,

  • When Is It Appropriate to Ask for Menu Substitutions?

    By Andrew KnowltonDear BA Foodist,My mom is not the world's best dining companion. Despite my protests, she makes special menu requests every time we dine out--grilled fish instead of sauted, mashed potatoes instead of fries, no bacon in the pasta carbonara. Is it just me, or are such requests total

  • Letter Grades for Restaurants--Pass or Fail

    By Andrew KnowltonDear BA Foodist,I'm originally from California, and I recently read that my new hometown of New York will require restaurants to display letter grades like the ones I was used to seeing in restaurant windows back west. What do the letter grades mean, and how much cleaner can I expe

  • Splitting the Check is for Teenagers

    By Andrew KnowltonDear BA Foodist,I was dining out for a friend's birthday, and our group was having a great time...until the check arrived. Not everyone had cash, those who didn't drink insisted on paying less, and we ended up splitting the check six ways for different amounts. What's the best way

  • The Return of the Highball Cocktail

    You shouldn't have to work too hard for a refreshing summer cocktail. That's where the highball family of drinks comes in. The formula for a highball couldn't be simpler: two ounces of spirit topped with a mixer in a tall glass. Gin and tonic, Scotch and soda, Cuba Libra, and many other popular favo

  • The BA Foodist Answers Your Hottest Grilling Questions

    On Saturday, our own restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton, a.k.a. the Bon Appétit Foodist, stopped by the Today Show to answer viewers' top grilling questions. Among them: Which is better to use when lighting charcoal: lighter fluid or a chimney? What is the easiest way to clean grill grates? Which is

  • America's Leading Restaurant Critics on "Cit-Crit"

    Like it or not, Yelp and other forms of 'Citizen Criticism' are having profound effects on the restaurant world. Some claim it's the end of civilization, while others applaud its egalitarian approach. Writer Alan Richman weighed in on the issue a few months back saying, "I think it's of course disas

  • Will Yelp and "Cit Crit" Replace Restaurant Critics?

    Dear Ba Foodist,Do you think Yelp and other online restaurant review sites are the future of restaurant criticism? As a restaurant owner, I'm afraid that now, in addition to all my other responsibilities, I have the joy of responding to semi-literate nincompoops.

  • A Beer Revolution

    The country known for Pinot Grigio and Super Tuscans has recently become a creative frontier for beer. Unbound by brewing traditions (unlike Germany and Belgium) and heavily influenced by the Slow Food movement, Italy is crafting food-friendly brews beloved by the beer intelligentsia, including Just

  • Summer Beach Reads for Food Lovers

    BA Foodist,I've exhausted my list of food memoirs and other foodie books. What are some similar reads that I can take with me to the beach this summer?

  • How to Deal with Dinner Guests' Food Allergies

    Dear BA Foodist,I love hosting dinner parties, but it seems that everyone has a list of food restrictions--no carbs, gluten-free, no red meat. Should I accommodate my guests, or should they all just eat what's on the table?

  • Save a Country--Drink Greek Wines

    Greece has given us democracy, a fine salad, and, as it turns out, outstanding wines made from a number of indigenous grapes, such as Moschofilero and Assyrtiko. Not only are the white wines of Greece delicious and affordable, but they also go quite well with spring food. Here are some strikingly re

  • Street Food Without Fear

    Dear BA Foodist,I love street food, but, unfortunately, my stomach doesn't always agree with me after indulging. Do you have any guidelines for satisfying my cart cravings--at home and abroad--that won't result in my doubling over?

  • No Jacket Required

    Dear BA Foodist,My wife and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary at a favorite restaurant. I was taken aback to see what people are wearing (or not wearing) when they go out. Since when is it proper to wear jean shorts and a T-shirt to dinner?

  • Food Smuggler's Delight

    Dear BA Foodist,What food items can I bring home from a foreign country? Seasoned travelers have advised me never to declare even legal foods, but I want to stop being nervous at customs. What are your thoughts?

  • How To Make the Quintessential Mint Julep

    Spring! That means the Kentucky Derby (this Saturday) and the Mint Julep--the rare convergence of sports and an extremely elegant libation. The drink is so refreshing, so potent that you might want to throw a julep party this weekend. Proper is the point, so do it the traditional way.First you need

  • Part 2: The worst restaurant pet peeves

    After I posted my top five restaurant service pet peeves, readers quickly chimed in with their own dining out dislikes. Many took issue with one of my grievances in particular--Waiters who say, "Hello, my name is X, and I'll be your waiter tonight." "What are they supposed to say?" many argued. I'll