• The Must-Have Gift of the Holiday Season: Kindness

    I'd love to say I'm one of those moms who doesn't let her kids watch TV. But I'm not one of those moms who lies about it either. It's true, my kids have watched Merry Madagascar many (many) times since we taped it on Thanksgiving Eve. They can't seem to get enough of it. And while there are a few ti

  • User post: Where do you stand on co-sleeping?

    Author: Layla. To hear from other moms that work at Yahoo!, check out YodelingMamas.You and your baby dozing off together: The image is adorable, but co-sleeping, or sharing your bed with an infant, is often frowned upon in Western cultures.

  • User post: One year of love and community

    A year ago, during the third day of my unimaginably long labor, I truly wondered whether I would survive to see this day: my daughter's first birthday.As the nurse finally wrapped that tiny, helpless newborn in a blanket and handed her off to us, we watched her leave with a sigh, worrying how we wer

  • Cancer Battles On...And We Must Too

    Until you've heard your father-one of the healthiest men you know-say, "It's not as bad as it sounds, but...I have a brain tumor"… Until you've heard your father's brain surgeon say, "This is the worst news I could possibly have"… Until you've heard your father's 20 other doctors say, "We

  • One Mother's Awareness of Premature Birth

    As part of a campaign to generate awareness about the crisis of premature birth in our country, the March of Dimes designated November as Prematurity Awareness Month. Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death worldwide. And the rate of premature birth has risen by 30 percent since 1981.

  • It's Never Too Early to Read to Kids

    Halloween is fast approaching, which has got me thinking about how fun it is to watch little imaginations create individual fantasy for all the world to see on this one night.

  • User post: What Age Should You Start Disciplining Children?

    My daughter has one of those sweet, innocent smiles that can fool anyone. As we stroll through the park she waves a friendly nod to every person who gives her the time of the day, and as I put her down on the playground she excitedly runs toward the other children (particularly those older than her)

  • User post: The Secret Discrimination in being Mommy Tracked

    Have you ever been treated differently because you are a mom? Have you ever not received something you wanted and were qualified for because you have kids?Sure, I've heard the word "mommy-tracked" when it comes to careers. Some women believe that they haven't received a due promotion because of thei

  • Breast Cancer Awareness- How Are You Making a Difference?

    I hope you are one of those few fortunate people who has never found themselves in the waiting room of a hospital, anxiously counting the minutes for the doctor to arrive with the results of your biopsy or the blood tests of a loved one.

  • Breastfeeding: When to Say When?

    Hi everyone and thanks for your helpful advice on the topic of nanny vs. daycare. I did find a wonderful nanny that we are really happy with-although as many of you pointed out in your comments, there is never going to be a good enough substitute for Mom.Every morning as I kiss my daughter 'Chloe' g

  • It's Not About Having It All, But Being Happy With What You've Got

    Either I've become a lot less tolerant, more confident or just plain tired of the "working mom" and "stay-at-home mom" debate. That wasn't always the case. As a new mother returning to the workforce, I was very concerned about coming back to work-my job at Yahoo! changed, I had a new manager, new VP

  • New School Year, New Goals for Mom Too

    It's funny, September has always felt a lot more like the beginning of the year to me than January. There's something about summer coming to an end, the evenings growing crisp and the start of a new school year that fill me with hope, excitement and-quite honestly-a bit of anxiety.

  • Nanny or Daycare? That is the Question...

    Like most new moms out there, I wake up every morning with a smile and a sigh, because I could really use another hour of sleep, but my daughter's "cooing" is just too adorable to ignore.

  • Teaching Mom Power

    I think it's really important for moms of girls to show them how powerful their moms are. I try my best to do this in a variety of ways: working outside the home, volunteering for the kids' sporting activities (i.e. team mom) and giving back to our community. But I also think it's important to show

  • Smart Ways to Keep Your Family Safe Online

    In honor of National Internet Safety Month in June, Yahoo! released some interesting data from a survey of 2000 U.S. Internet users done to gain insight into consumers' behaviors and perceptions around online safety. The good news, parents are doing pretty well-Yahoo! gave them a B+. The better news

  • From Anti-Soccer Kid to Pro-Soccer Mom

    It turns out you don't have to drive a minivan across town at 7a.m. on a Saturday morning to be a soccer mom. You can simply have an 18-month old who chases his big brother around the front lawn while dribbling a shiny ball, and counted "soccer" and "goal!" as two of his first words. Or a 4-year old

  • Seven Years and Itching For More

    Today is our 7-year wedding anniversary. And it's funny, until we went away over the weekend, I hadn't thought of it as a milestone year. But as we told people we ran into along our adventures what we were celebrating, the seven-year itch jokes began. I couldn't help but wonder, should I be itching?

  • Making A Difference In Our Own Ways

    Volunteerism. The word inspires some people to take action and makes others run and hide. These days, it seems, it's doing more of the former. One year after President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, Yahoo! uncovered some pretty amazing stats about the increase in online search

  • The Sweetest Mother's Day Gift

    My husband is a thoughtful, generous and creative gift giver. This Mother's Day was no exception. He and the boys surprised me by sending me away to the local Westin for a night to enjoy some "me" time. They decorated the room with flowers, musical cards (this was the first year Munch could actually

  • Four Injuries and a Funeral, A Lesson in Gratitude

    You know how they say bad things happen in threes? Well, somehow my family seems to be the exception to that rule. Multiples of three maybe, but it never seems to stop at three.