• How to throw a kid-friendly party for St. Patty's Day

    By Michelle Maffei for SheKnows.com.

  • St. Patrick's Day inspired baby names

    By Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick for SheKnows.comWhether your baby is due in March or you simply love Irish names and want to honor your Irish heritage, the following baby names are inspired by St. Patty's Day and all things Irish (green beer excluded).

  • Selling toys on eBay as punishment: Good parenting?

    By Kim Grundy for SheKnows.comOne of the big issues parents grapple with is discipline: Are we being too strict... or not strict enough? One mom decided to sell her kids' favorite toys on eBay as punishment. Did she go too far -- or do you think this was a good lesson for her kids?

  • Should you push kids forward, hold them back, or simply fly alongside?

    By Geralyn Broder Murray for SheKnows.com

  • Mommy-and-me outfits you'll actually wear

    By Molly Cerreta Smith for SheKnows.comThese days, you don't have to worry about looking like a Pollyanna if you and your daughter want to dress alike. When it comes to mommy-and-me outfits, there are really some great new options out there! We scoured the fashion world for some outfits that are cut

  • 4 Tech gadgets your kids will love

    By Lauren Fairbanks for Sheknows.comKids are becoming more and more integrated with technology every year -- so much so that gadgets that were marketed toward adults a mere 5 to 10 years ago are being re-designed and re-targeted toward toddlers and young children.

  • Top 6 parenting issues couples fight about

    By Michelle Maffei for SheKnows.com Whether you're new to the mom-and-dad game or experienced at it, there are certain issues that make your partnership seem more like a game of tug-o-war.

  • Flying with kids: What you need to know

    By Sarah W. Caron for SheKnows.com Planning a trip with your kids that involves airplane travel isn't as easy as it used to be. These days, there are many regulations regarding what you can and can't bring. At security, there are new methods in place including full body scans for some and major pat

  • The birds and the bees and all that jazz

    By Geralyn Broder Murray for SheKnows.comThe hard questions

  • Tips for a mini mom makeover

    Oh the days when you could take all the time you wanted to groom, coif, and primp. Now instead of weekly visits to the mall searching for the perfect trendy look, you are spending your time blowing runny noses, changing diapers, and applying Band-Aids to boo-boos. It's no surprise that your primping routine has fallen to the sidelines.

  • How to get kids to eat more vegetables

    By Michelle Dudash, Health Expert for SheKnows.com Vegetables provide many vitamins and nutrients that are important for your child's development. It is important to get your kids into the habit of eating their vegetables at an early age so they will enjoy eating their veggies into adulthood.

  • 9 Tasty twists on peanut butter and jelly

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  • Sex after baby: Is our sex life over forever?

    By Kit @ Blogging Dangerously for SheKnows.com

  • Should cameras be allowed in delivery rooms?

    By Kim Grundy for SheKnows.com

  • 7 Tips to help parents keep the spark alive

    By Michelle Maffei for SheKnows.com Being a parent shouldn't mean that romance is limited to only Valentine's Day and anniversaries. Keeping the passion going is no easy task for parents, especially if there are young children around. But thanks to a few easy tips, parents can keep the spark alive

  • A love note to mom: Top 10 reasons you are great

    By Naomi de la Torre for SheKnows.com

  • Romantic baby names

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love is certainly in the air. If you give birth on or around Valentine's Day, would you give your child a romantic name?

  • How to make edible lingerie for Valentine's Day

    By Michele Borboa, for SheKnows.com Looking for a sweet way to end Valentine's Day? Give your lover the ultimate after-dinner dessert with indulgent edible lingerie you made yourself. Heat up the romance with this recipe for edible caramel lingerie:

  • Be honest: Would you get cosmetic surgery?

    By Becky Sherrick Harks for SheKnows.com