• Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Name of the Year

    With Hollywood's awards season in full swing, what better time to anoint the year's best and worst celebrity baby names? The stars got busy in 2013, giving birth to A-list offspring from Prince George of Cambridge to what some consider a bit of L.A. royalty - hello, Kimye's firstborn, North West!

  • Hottest Baby Names of 2013

    What do Miley Cyrus, Prince George of Cambridge, and the down-home Duck Dynasty clan have in common? They're all influencing our baby-naming choices, according to BabyCenter. The online pregnancy and parenting resource released its annual list of top 100 baby names and hottest naming trends on Tuesday.

  • Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names of the Year

    Every year some celebs choose baby names worthy of the walk of fame, while others pick names fit for the hall of shame -- and 2012 was no exception. Supermodel Gisele and quarterback hottie Tom Brady went with a name reminiscent of a silver screen siren -- Vivian. Suburgatory star Jeremy Sisto and his stunning wife Addie Lane opted for a more outlandish moniker -- Bastian Kick.

  • Money Secrets Moms Keep

    With the economy still wobbling and the estimated cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 topping a quarter of a million dollars (gulp), it's no wonder parents are stressed about money.

  • Is Fifty Shades of Grey Creating a Baby Boom?

    More and more women are confessing to a naughty secret: They owe a lot to the steamy pages of Fifty Shades of Grey. Moms-to-be in the Community on BabyCenter - the leading online destination for new and expectant parents - are thanking the racy book's sexy hero, Christian Grey, for their impending motherhood.

  • Baby Names Fit for a King or Queen

    The obsession with British royalty, and their hats, reached a crescendo this week with the star-studded Diamond Jubilee celebration to honor Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. But it's not just the hats that fascinate us: An article this week on BabyCenter -- the leading online resource for new and expectant parents -- reveals the remarkable influence the royal family has on British baby names in.

  • 5 Baby Name Ideas for the New IPad

    Before Apple released its new iPad yesterday, we at BabyCenter were fascinated by the swirl around the name. Would it be called iPad 3 or iPad HD? In the end, Apple decided to simply call it "iPad."Really? You're a proud new parent and you couldn't come up with a better name for iPad 2's sparkling new sibling?That simplicity might fit with the ultra-clean, brushed aluminum aesthetic of Apple, but as the name for a new arrival ... where's the élan of the Macintosh? Heck, even "Cube" was kinda, sorta cool. ...

  • 4 Signs Your Child Loves You

    Your love for your child makes your heart ache, but let's face it - it can sometimes feel unrequited. After all, when your baby rips the hair from your head - or when your 2-year-old literally bites the hand that feeds him - it's easy to suspect that the mother/child romance is more like a solo tap dance than a two-person tango. A recent BabyCenter.com poll bears this out: Nearly 40% of moms admitted to wondering if their child loves them back.

  • HPV Shot Not Just for Girls

    The question of if and when to get your child immunized against the human papillomavirus (HPV) is no longer reserved for mothers of girls.

  • Sex or the Super Bowl?

    According to a recent survey of moms by BabyCenter.com, 80 percent of moms would rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl.

  • Celebs Reveal Their Holiday Shopping Secrets

    When it comes to holiday shopping, it looks like Law and Order alum Elizabeth Rohm and I have something in common. We're both last-minute Lucys. Wonder how other celebs manage the holiday rush? BabyCenter's trio of celeb bloggers, Moms and the City, hit the red carpet to ask celebrities how they do their holiday shopping.

  • Hottest Baby Names of 2011

    What do Anderson Cooper, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Kardashians have in common? They're all influencing our baby naming choices, according to BabyCenter. The leading online pregnancy and parenting resource released its annual list of top 100 baby names and hottest naming trends today.

  • 4 Sure-fire Boredom Busters

    The best defense for when your kids start hurling, "Mom, I'm bored" bombs your way, is to come heavily armed with crafty ammunition. BabyCenter has an impressive database filled with craftastic activities to help save the day! Water bottle bowling

  • Judge Rules Out Breastfeeding in His Courtroom

    Michigan mom told by judge not to breastfeed in his courtroom

  • When moms go to war

    On September 11, 2001, as I listened to minute- by- minute coverage of the terrorist attacks on the radio, I was six months pregnant. I remember rubbing my swollen belly and wondering what made me think bringing new life into this world was such a great idea.

  • 5 ways to raise a happy child

    Providing our children with short bursts of ecstasy is easy - simply hand over a chocolate bar or the latest must-have toy. But eventually, that joy bubble pops. The chocolate is eaten, the toy becomes not so cool, boredom ensues. And then we realize that true happiness - the ability to maintain a l

  • Can you potty train your child in three days?

    For the last month, you and your 2-year-old have been in potty training hell. Your days are filled with poop, wet pants, and Lysol; his days are filled with ambivalence toward his "big boy underwear."

  • 4 signs of a bad pediatrician

    There are few things worse than seeing your child ill and in pain - and there are few things better than getting some sound advice from your child's doctor.

  • Do dirty kids get lice?

    Five-year-old Kaye loves to make mud pies; her best friend Faye prefers to play with dolls. Kaye usually puts on outfits straight off the floor or out of the hamper; Faye chooses only freshly washed and pressed threads. Kaye rarely brushes her hair and has to be bribed to take a bath; Faye bathes da

  • Reliving 9/11: How to talk to your child about media coverage

    As the 10 th anniversary of 9/11 draws closer, media coverage is kicking into high gear. Even if you do your best to shield your child from the disturbing images of the planes crashing into the twin towers, chances are your child will catch a glimpse of the news footage or hear about the attacks at