• Is Your Pet Stressed?

    We should pay close attention when our pets start to behave out of character.

  • Woman Contracts the Plague from Stray Cat

    An Oregon woman is in recovery after contracting the plague -- yes, the plague -- from a stray cat over the summer.

  • World's Tallest Dog and Cat Revealed

    The Guinness Book of World Records has singled out a slew of supersize animals in their 2013 edition.

  • Do You Need a Pet Mediator?

    Animals are much more than the property they are treated as in divorce court.

  • Queen Elizabeth Loses Corgi and Dorgi

    There's sad news out of England, where the palace has announced the death of Monty and Cider; two of the Queen's beloved corgis

  • Couple Puts Wedding on Hold to Save Sick Dog

    A couple spent the money they'd saved for their wedding to pay for their dog's medical bills.

  • Is Your Dog a Republican or a Democrat?

    Election season is heating up and it seems like everyone has an opinion.

  • Meet the NFL's 5 Feathery Mascots

    With five teams choosing to be represented by these feathered creatures, birds reign supreme in the NFL mascot realm.

  • 4 Ways Dogs Help Kids to Read

    Can reading to a dog raise children's reading levels?

  • Internet Cat Film Festival is Purrr-fect Fun!

    If there was any doubt that cats were the internet's most popular animal, look no further than the Internet Cat Film Festival.

  • Dog Saves Owner from Cougar Attack

    A border collie named Vicious lived up to her moniker last week after protecting her owner from a cougar attack inside their home.

  • Hurricane Season is Here: Are Your Pets Prepared?

    The arrival of Hurricane Isaac is a stark reminder that hurricane season is upon us.

  • 3 Explanations for Your Cat's Weird Positions

    Cats are as individual as people so for the most part, different positions are based on an individual cat’s comfort.

  • Pet Owners Retaliate Against Naughty Pups by 'Dogshaming'

    By WebVet.comHas your dog ever done something to make you mad? Like, really mad? So mad you wish you could retaliate?Now you can. Enter, the new trend of dogshaming. If only your pup could navigate the internet . . . read . . . and understand the concept of public humiliation -- you'd so get back at Bailey or Bella for eating your underwear and knocking over your favorite plant.Dogshaming is exactly what it sounds like: shaming your dog. How do you do it? By detailing your pup's bad behavior on a piece of paper, and snapping a picture of him or her next to the note of admission. ...

  • Smelly Cats! Couple Sues Neighbor with 20 Felines

    A Chicago couple is suing their downstairs neighbor over the woman's 20 smelly cats.

  • Does Your Cat Have Mental Problems?

    Cats who are too eager for food could be suffering from the newly-diagnosed condition of “psychogenic abnormal feeding behavior."

  • 7% of Dogs Are on Facebook

    According to a new study by pet insurer Petplan, there's been a 36% increase in the number of pet owners creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for their animals in the last 12 months.

  • Trend Alert: Cosmetic Dentistry for Dogs

    It's hard enough convincing pet owners to take their dogs for regular dental checkups, but a growing number of pet parents are seeking out vets who will give their dogs perfect smiles and "kissable breath."

  • Extreme Pampering: Luxury Hotel for Dogs

    Americans are adopting fewer pets than ever, but those who do find homes are certainly being spoiled -- if their parents can afford it.

  • Why Does My Dog Lick Furniture?

    Some dogs develop OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders) which can be identified by obsessive compulsive activities such as licking furniture.