• Healthier BAKED Doughnuts

    Be sure to visit foodreview101.com for more recipes, food news, and the latest food reviews!Doughnuts are seen as a diet busting dish and for good reason too, because they are after all cooked in oil. If you do not wish to use the unhealthy version, try out this version and I promise it will remind

  • Would You Pay $6 For a Drive-Thru Burger?

    "The Six Dollar Steakhouse Thickburger includes mayo, A.1.® Steak Sauce, crumbled blue cheese, crispy onion strings, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and a 100% Black Angus beef patty on a seeded bun." You would think with a six dollar burger that anything but perfection would be a let down, so they'r

  • Our Favorite Halloween Themed Food

    Be sure to visit foodreview101.com for more reviews and product news!Well that special time of year is upon us when the leaves start to change and everyone finally realizes the holiday season is upon us. For many of you the season starts in about a month with Halloween and to help you get in the spi

  • Dunkin Donuts Fall Flavors: Pumpkin Donuts

    Visit us at foodreview101.com for more reviews and product news.Dunkin Donuts is at it again with new and seasonal products that are sure to get anyone in the spirit for the Autumn months ahead. The new donut flavor is caramel apple and it comes in a cake donut that sprinkled with sugar, and the ret

  • Denny’s Get’s Cheesy With New Menu Items

    Check us out at foodreview101.com for more reviews and product news!Denny's is best known for their Grand Slam breakfast as well as their newer menu items that made the worst fast food options last year and were sure that their new line-up will be a follow-up to last years "win". Their newest shock-

  • New Burger King Oatmeal

    Check out foodreview101.com for more reviews and new products!Everyone knows who Burger King is and that they've recently introduced their newest menu item, however many of you aren't sure if you should waste your money on it or not because it's fast food after all and fast food is unpredictable. Th

  • Burger King Adds Oatmeal To It’s Menu

    Visit foodreview101.com for more food reviews! This is more of a news story than anything else because we haven't yet been able to try the new oatmeal being offered up by Burger King. The oatmeal will only be available from 6:00 AM - 10:30 AM, and for a price around $2.00 that either comes in plain

  • Does Subway Or McDonald’s Have The Healthier Yogurt Parfait?

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  • User food review: Feeling Hungry For A Jumbo Breakfast Platter?

    Visit foodreview101.com for more reviews.Jack In The Box doesn't come out with new products often, but when they do look out because they mean business. The new menu option that's aptly called the Jumbo Breakfast Platter has: Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown Sticks, Pancakes, and your choice of either Bac

  • User food review: Faux Healthy Fast Food - Arby’s Angus Deli Sandwich

    UVisit foodreview101.com for more food reviews and food news!Arby's really isn't the first thing you think of when it comes to healthy fast food although they do have some healthy menu items when it comes to their roast beef sandwiches. The chain has recently introduced a new Angus Cool Deli Sandwic

  • User food review: Mr. Peanut is Made Into Butter!

    Visit foodreview101.com for more food reviews, and new product details!I guess it was only a matter of time before Mr. Peanut put his face on the front of a jar of peanut butter, because everyone knows that he has graced the front of nearly every single package of peanut related products for decades

  • Sol Cuisine Product Giveaway

    Foodreview101 and Sol Cuisine are teaming up for a product giveaway, and all you have to do is give us your favorite word with the word "sol" in it. For example I would say that I absolutely love eating Sol product on Meatless Monday because it's a great way to get healthier by eating less meat. Do

  • User food review: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta

    Visit foodreview101.com for more food reviews, and news.Everyone grew up eating what was in the famous blue box and the people at Kraft have recently come out with a new variety of mac and cheese that is sure to be a hit at the grocery stores. The company has taken cues from the nation in the way of

  • User food review: A Healthy Cookie Called WhoNu?

    Visit foodreview101.com for more food news, and reviews!I saw this advertisement in my local paper and it had a coupon attached to it which gave me just enough interest to try this new cookie. The company of which I have never heard of is called WhoNu and promises a "nutrition rich cookie" that has

  • NEW! Denny's Healthy Meal Options

    Visit foodreview101.com for more reviews, and new product news.Denny's has long been known for having some of the worst items on any restaurant menu, and their new bacon products didn't help their reputation either. The new line of products that Denny's is rolling out could be a way to combat some n

  • User Food Review: New Ben & Jerry’s Clusterfluff Ice Cream

    Check out foodreview101.com for more food reviews.Ben & Jerry's has certainly made a name for them-selves over the years by producing some of the oddest flavors and names in the ice cream world. They have also been known from time to time to create some products that should only be eaten on very spe

  • Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad

    Visit foodreview101.com for more reviews, and new product news.Normally I'm not one to eat a salad that any fast food chain offers because chances are it's worse for you then eating what you would actually want. This is the case with Wendy's and their new salad that actually looks pretty good in tel

  • Hershey’s Air Delight

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  • User food review: Fat Free "Ice Cream" For The Summer

    Visit foodreview101.com for more reviews, and new product news.Many of you might not ever have heard about Arctic Zero, which is why I'm here today. This product is a faux ice cream product that the company actually has to call a dessert and not an ice cream because it actually contains no milk fat

  • Calorie Free, Fat Free, Is It True?

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