• 4 Plant-Based Ingredients for All-Star Athletes

    A rising nutritional trend, veganism has certainly captured the spotlight in recent years, with luminaries like former President Bill Clinton and a bevy of beautiful actresses (and actors too!) touting the heart-healthy, body-slimming benefits of an anima

  • Don't Get Stuck with Acupuncture: The Medicine of Nutrition and Herbs

    Alma explains that acupuncture is just one of many treatments offered by licensed acupuncturists.

  • Fight the Flu: 5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

    Cooler temperatures have brought with it a chorus of sniffles and sneezes. What gives? Flu season is back, and this year, natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy have made it more important than ever to take care of our bodies.

  • The Top 10 Reasons You Deserve a Massage Today

    This week marks the American Massage Therapy Association’s 16th Annual National Massage Therapy Week. To celebrate, we’ve come up with the top 10 reasons why you deserve a massage–now!

  • 5 Fun Cardio Substitutes for Running Haters

    Sure, thousands of pavement-loving adrenaline junkies are gearing up for the Marine Corps and New York City Marathons as we speak. But that doesn’t mean the entire world has fallen for the alluring world of running.

  • 6 Things I Learned Training for a Marathon

    Carlos Lu is the resident web designer and production whiz at Zeel.com, and he’s about to add marathoner to the many hats he wears. On Sunday October 28th, Carlos will be participating in his very first marathon – the famed Marine Corps Marathon in Washi

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Value of Massage Therapy

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, turning our undivided attention to this incredibly important cause. Did you know that oncology massage therapy is offered in many hospital and clinical environments?

  • Ask the Expert: Everything You Never Knew About Kinesio Taping

    Anyone who tuned in to the London Olympics were probably left wondering these same two questions: 1) what are my chances of scoring a date with Ryan Lochte, and 2) what in the world is that colorful tape decorating all of the athlete’s knees?

  • 6 Ways Massage Therapy Eases Pregnancy Pains

    Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Yet accompanying factors like nausea, fatigue and general aches and pains can make you wish those nine months went by a lot quicker than they actually do.

  • Ask the Expert: How Do I Choose the Right Exfoliant?

    Regular exfoliation is a part of any well-rounded skin-care routine and the key to maintaining the appearance of a smoother, hydrated and evenly-toned complexion. We see exfoliants everywhere in the skin-care industry—the market is flooded with products r

  • 3 Ways Pilates Perfectly Complements Winter Sports

    While summer days are often characterized by lazy afternoons at the shore, come winter, many of us head to the mountains for sports of a more extreme kind. Did you know that Pilates can be a wonderful way to supplement your winter fitness routine?

  • The Ketogenic Diet: A Do or Don't?

    Considered extreme even among the strictest of dieters, a ketogenic diet is one that is high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates, making it especially difficult to maintain.

  • 5 Reasons to Get a Massage—Now!

    I decided to do a bit of research on the topic and found some very interesting benefits to massage therapy! I know there are others out there who are apprehensive, but perhaps after learning about these five advantages, you’ll decide to change your mind.

  • 2 Basic Stretches for Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Although a trip to the doctor may be in order for some sciatica sufferers, many can find relief from the comfort of home by drawing on a few simple stretches and exercises. Here, Zeel Chiropractic Experts offer up their favorites.

  • All the Right Moves: Mastering the Proper Yoga Twist

    September is National Yoga Month. And while that might inspire many of us to run out to the nearest studio and sign up for an hour-long flow, one instructor—and Zeel Yoga Expert!—cautions us to beware.

  • Ask the Expert: Can Vegans Consume Enough Vitamin B12?

    In the absence of meat, fish and poultry, vitamin deficiencies, especially a deficiency of vitamin B12, can become a real problem for many vegan dieters. Here, Lauren shares with us some of her recommendations for maintain a diet that is bountiful in B12.

  • Fall Fitness: 3 Total Body Exercises Using Only a Park Bench!

    Take advantage of the crisp, cool temperatures – not to mention the swanky seasonal fashion – with certified personal trainer, ibodyfit founder and Zeel Expert Franklin Antoian‘s total body workout, coming soon to a park bench near you.

  • Ask the Expert: What Distinguishes an Oncology Massage?

    In times of physical and emotional need, massage therapy, for many cancer patients, is a breath of fresh air. Zeel Expert Jacqueline George-Algaier would know; many of her clients have special oncology needs as well.

  • In Knead of Relief: Low Back Pain

    By: StacyAtZeelDesk job? Then you're probably no stranger to lower back pain - the achy feeling that lingers long after you've left the office.As Zeel Expert Minki Kim explains, "Western culture requires us to sit for prolonged periods of time, drive for hours on end, and relax while seated, watching TV or playing video games." Lower back pain is also a common symptom of-besides years of built-up tension-structural imbalances, poor movement habits and emotional trauma.The problem: Once stress manifests itself in the lower region of the back and spine, it can be difficult to eliminate. ...

  • Ask the Expert: 4 Steps to Healthy Skin Through Fall

    While we’ll soon be sporting sweaters and scarves, we should also be thinking about how to protect our skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated as arid autumn air arrives. Here’s what I recommend.