• How Not to Become a Divorce Statistic

    We asked Boomers who have celebrated many wedding anniversaries to let us in on what has kept them together over the years. Here's sage advice from some seasoned experts on avoiding Splitsville:

  • Holly Robinson Peete Talks About Caregiving

    As we observe National Parkinson's Disease Awareness and National Autism Awareness this month, Sherri Snelling, our caregiving contributor, recently spoke to Holly Robinson Peete, TV star, singer and author. Holly knows first-hand about the caergiving experience; Her father suffered from Parkinson's and her oldest son, RJ, is living with autism. This sandwich-generation caregiving star is one of more than 24 million people who are sandwiched between two generations, caring for a child or children still at home and providing assistance or full-time care to an older parent. ...

  • Do You Really Need These Medical Tests?

    How common is this? You go to a doctor for your annual exam and routinely take a bunch of tests that end up being expensive and time- consuming. Well, soon that may change. Now doctors from nine top medical societies are telling patients and their medical providers to be more discerning when it comes to 45 of the most common medical tests. The campaign's catchy title is: "Choose Wisely."

  • Five Stroke Risks for Women

    <p> Every year, almost half a million American women suffer a stroke. The attack comes on suddenly and can be debilitating or deadly. There are certain risk factors that bump up the chance of having a stroke. Knowing what they are can help you take action to prevent a stroke. </p> <p> <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://betterdatetrk.com/?a=12&oc=19&c=46&s1=">Back up your computer today with StrongHold. It's safe secure and easy.</a> </p>

  • Top 6 Salad Add-Ons

    <p> So you've got your nutrient-rich lettuce all picked out, and it's in the salad bowl, green and ready to go. What happens now? You could just go ahead and add your dressing, but why not throw in a few more ingredients to pack some real nutritional punch? When it comes to salad add-ons, what you choose can make a big difference in how healthy your salad is. In general, you want your salad to be as colorful as possible with bold-looking vegetables and fruits, avoiding unnecessary foods that are high in fat like cheese. Depending on whether your salad is a side dish or the main course, you can also add healthy ingredients that make it a well-rounded meal. Read on for the top six salad add-ons: </p> <p> <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://betterdatetrk.com/?a=12&oc=19&c=46&s1=">Back up your computer today with StrongHold. It's safe secure and easy.</a> </p>

  • The Weeds that Make You Healthy

    As the countryside and your backyard come to life during this season of renewal, consider harvesting some of the ingredients that have been used since ancient times in spring tonics.The brews purportedly have medicinal properties that are good for everything from detoxifying several organ systems to giving you an overall feeling of well-being.

  • Secrets of Estate Planning

    If you don't have a will, you are not alone. Half of Americans don't have a will, a living will, or financial and medical powers of attorney. Yet we know a will and other estate documents would ease our family's burdens if something happened to us.

  • Get a Great Start in the Morning

    Not all of us are early birds chirping cheerfully to greet the new day. Thanks to our natural body clocks, some of us are cranky in the morning. But if you want to wake in a better mood and get a jump on your day, here's how to get rid of the grumpies:

  • Ten Ways to Live Longer and Better

    Okay, so there are no guarantees. But there's plenty of scientific evidence to show we can boost our chances of living a longer, healthier life by following these lifestyle tips:

  • The Top Ten Reasons We Get Headaches

    If you're in the minority of Americans who never gets a headache, read no further. But for the rest of us, we know attacks can be more than just a nuisance; they're often debilitating. Of course, there are medications to help ease the pain, but the best strategy is to avoid a headache in the first place. Here are the most common triggers:

  • The Health Benefits of Chocolate

    If you're like most of us, it's hard to resist the bittersweet goodness that is dark chocolate. And with Easter coming up, you certainly won't be able to keep yourself from indulging in a bite or two. Chocolate has long suffered from a bad rep, but emerging research has shown that there are significant health benefits to consuming small amounts. If you're feeling bad about your craving, check out what dark chocolate can do for you:

  • Get the Exercise Habit

    <p> Everyone knows exercise is crucial to health and wellbeing, but even the best of us may not feeling like moving a muscle because we're too tired, bored, or just so harried we can't get our mojo moving. The good news? There are proven strategies to counteract our excuses. </p> <p> <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://betterdatetrk.com/?a=12&oc=19&c=46&s1=">Back up your computer today with StrongHold. It's safe secure and easy.</a> </p>

  • Stretch and Stay Flexible

    Ten years from now, if you still want to reach down and slip into your shoes, the best way to get there is by stretching today. Stretching not only promotes flexibility in your muscles and joints, but also relieves tension throughout your body, and even helps to develop balancing skills. Plus, stretching can prevent injuries by giving you a wider range of motion. Speaking of injuries, there are good and bad ways to stretch.

  • Don't Fall for These Scams!

    A 2009 study by MetLife's Mature Market Institute estimated that seniors lose approximately $2.6 billion per year because of fraudulent schemes. According to no less an authority than the FBI, members of the "Boomers and Beyond" cohort are especially likely to be the victims of scams because those "who grew up in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s were generally raised to be polite and trusting." Con artists are masters at exploiting these qualities because they know it's hard for the well-mannered among us to say 'no' or just hang up the telephone. ...

  • The Stress-Free Way to Buy a Swimsuit

    <p> Don't pay attention to all the media hype about how hard it is to buy and wear a swimsuit. It's a carefully crafted rumor that sells magazines and creates anxiety. After 40, certainly after 50, we all need to stop whining about swimsuits and use our experience and attitude to our advantage. </p> <p> <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://betterdatetrk.com/?a=12&c=2&s1=">Write your relationship success story. Find 50+ Singles on BetterDate.com. Join Today!</a> </p> <p> First, stop competing with unrealistic movie star images, models, and your best friend who lives at the gym and has had a tummy tuck. You have more important things to think about than flawless abs. Instead, start celebrating at how strong, healthy and confident-looking your body is. and stop focusing on your belly, cellulite, flabby inner thighs and droopy tush. We ALL have these four things to some degree whether we're a size 4 or 14. </p> <p> Here's what to focus on instead: </p>

  • Jane Goodall's Life with Chimps: Happy Birthday Jane!

    Jane Goodall, who celebrates her 78th birthday this week, has a lifelong record of groundbreaking work with chimpanzees in Africa. But all that began in a very small way.

  • A Virus Could Defeat Cancer

    It looks like a real breakthrough in killing cancerous tumors may be near. The weapon? A virus. This isn't a new phenomenon, since research scientists noted the connection decades ago, but now with the ability to subtly fine-tune and engineer viruses, the tactic is gaining momentum.

  • 7 Surprising Foods that Fight Stress

    <p> There's no doubt about it: stress kills. Whether your main source of stress is your finances, your work, or your relationships, people who suffer from excess stress are more prone to ailments including heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression. You may think that in order to reduce your stress level, you have to fix whatever the "problem" is. While it's always good to find ways to be less stressed out, it turns out that how you treat your body is just as important, and that includes what you put into it. By eating certain foods (and no, we're not talking about high-fat comfort foods - although those can be indulged in occasionally!), you can help your body fight the physiological symptoms of stress, and you will really feel the difference. Here are 7 foods that are surprisingly effective at lowering stress: </p><a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://betterdatetrk.com/?a=12&c=2&s1=">Write your relationship success story. Find 50+ Singles on BetterDate.com. Join Today!</a>

  • How to Jump Start Your Sex-Life: The Secrets to Improving You Sex Life

    Dr. Jennifer Landa wants to help jumpstart your libido. "I am very concerned when a woman loses interest in sex," she says. "I also understand how upsetting this can be. I truly lost my libido when I was 28. I was taking a birth control pill that played havoc with my hormones and as a resident I was working about 100 hours a week." This experience, plus her own understanding about the importance of hormones, made her focus in her Orlando, Florida practice on bioidentical hormone therapy, customized nutrition and fitness programs.

  • Whats Wrong with My Hair? What Your Hair is Telling You

    Oh, that dazzling head of hair: sleek, shiny, thick and lustrous. But what if your hair isn't exactly this crowning glory? Well, your less than lovely locks may, or may not, be revealing important clues to your health. Take a look at these signs and what they might mean.