Beyond the Beauty Pages, SELF Magazine

    Beyond the Beauty Pages, SELF Magazine

  • What Your Eye Problems Say About Your Health

    What it really means when eyes get bags or look swollen or red.

  • Delicious New Iced Tea Recipes

    <i><span><span><span>Amanda MacMillan,</span></span></span></i> <span><span><a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/?mbid=synd_yshine">SELF magazine <br> <br></a></span></span> <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/?mbid=synd_yshine">We love</a> <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/fooddiet/2009/08/coffee?mbid=synd_yshine" target="_blank">coffee</a>, but nothing beats a tall glass of <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/fooddiet/recipes/2007/06/peach-tea?mbid=synd_yshine" target="_blank">iced tea</a> on a hot summer day. As SELF has previously reported, drinking <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/fooddiet/2011/11/reasons-to-drink-tea-slideshow?mbid=synd_yshine#slide=1" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:underline;">tea</a> does a body good. (Black tea, for example, may prevent your body from absorbing fat from food!) <br> <br> For a sweet take on iced tea, try SELF's <a rel="nofollow" title="" target="" href="http://www.self.com/fooddiet/recipes/2007/06/peach-tea?mbid=synd_yshine" style="text-decoration:underline;">recipe for Peach Tea with ginger, mint and lemon</a>. For more tantalizing twists on tea, check out these ideas from Robb Garceau, Executive Chef at Great Performances, an award-winning catering company in New York City.<span><br> <br> <span><span><span><b>More from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.self.com/?intcid=logo_home?mbid=synd_yshine" title="">SELF</a>:</b> <br></span></span></span></span> <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/beauty/2012/04/cellulite-free-skin-slideshow?mbid=synd_yshine">5 Simple Steps to Cellulite-Free Skin</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/fitness/workouts/2011/10/crossfit-slideshow?mbid=synd_yshine#slide=1">3 CrossFit Total-Body Workouts</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/fooddiet/2010/06/50-healthiest-snacks?mbid=synd_yshine">50 Healthiest Snacks</a> <br> <a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/fitness/2012/02/secrets-to-firing-up-your-metabolism-slideshow?mbid=synd_yshine">6 Secrets to Firing Up Your Metabolism</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.self.com/?mbid=synd_yshine" title=""><br></a><a rel="nofollow" title="" href="http://www.self.com/?mbid=synd_yshine"><br></a>

  • Conquer Your Fitness Fears!

    Why not embrace this freaky Friday -- and use it as a chance to reexamine your ho-hum everyday fitness regimen? Take some time today (or this weekend) to do something totally out-of-the-ordinary. Something crazy. Something that really scares you.

  • The Link Between Self-Tanner and Cancer

    Recently, we posted about the news that spray tanning could be harmful to your health, along with tips on how you can stay safe while you spray. Soon after, dermatologists started weighing in.

  • Your Burning Sunscreen Q's Answered!

    Ok, ok, I've been talking a lot about sun protection recently. But it's brought on a whole slew of new sunscreen questions!

  • Sunscreen for Your Scalp

    Last week, I learned the hard way that scalps are susceptible to sunburn too.

  • What to Look for in a Sunscreen

    Mists, powders, lotions and sprays - I've tried nearly every form of sun protection out there, which I always thought qualified me as a total sunscreen pro. Not so!

  • Can Perfume Help You Lose Weight?

    The basis of aromatherapy uses the power of scent to help alter our mood - whether we want to be relaxed, energized or even feel happier. But can fragrance be a weight-loss tool?

  • Health Benefits of Carrots

    Happy Easter! We all know that carrots are a favorite snack of the Easter Bunny but did you know that carrots may be good for your skin, too?

  • Treat Oily Skin

    Oily skin produces excess sebum (oil) which is more likely to clog pores, often leading to blackheads and even acne (yuck!). While a facial mask may just seem like a luxury you get a spa, the reality is a clay mask can be done at home relatively quickly and easily.

  • 2-in-1 Shampoo—Worth It?

    When 2-in-1 shampoos were first introduced, they were considered not only a huge innovation in the industry but the ultimate in convenience for many women (and men!). However, as time went on, they started getting a bad rap.

  • The Healthiest Way to Remove Nail Polish

    Removing nail polish can be stinky and messy. There are plenty of nail polish remover options available, so let's take a closer look at how these removers work and which one is the best for you.

  • How to Choose a Conditioner

    Hair conditioner isn't just for women with full, thick and/or excessively damaged hair.

  • Banish Blackheads Forever

    Blackheads aren't just a teen problem. They're large pores that collect skin gunk like oil, dead skin cells and makeup. While

  • Tame Frizzy Hair

    As humidity levels begin to creep up you may be noticing your hair is feeling a bit more poofy and frizzy. Or, it may just feel like you have frizzy hair all the time!

  • 3 Beauty Trends That Are Here to Stay (And How to Wear Them)

    Samantha Levy, SELF magazineWhen it all started, it was labelled a trend. We thought they were of-the-moment looks that would pass as quickly as the seasons. However, as spring gave way to summer and soon after came the fall, we saw these supposed "trends" appear time and time again, both on the cat

  • The 3 Worst Makeup Habits--and How to Fix Them

    SELF magazineUsing year-old mascara? Sleeping with your makeup on? Why these are serious beauty crimes and how to change your ways!

  • Our 10 Favorite Beauty Buys Under $10

    By <b><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.self.com/?mbid=synd_yshine">SELF magazine</a></b> <br> <br> The best beauty buys for under $10. <br>

  • Hair Tips: How To Beat Humidity

    Whether your hair is curly, straight, thick or thin, humidity can take it's toll and leave your hair looking weighed down, extra frizzy or greasy to touch. Here's how to win the battle against high temps and icky weather.If you have fine hair and humidity makes your strands fall flat...First, use a

  • How to Take 5 Years Off Your Face

    Joanne Chen, SELF magazineReclaim your radiance with these complexion-perfecting tips.