• New Uses for Your Old Makeup

    If you are like me, you have a ton of half used lipsticks lying around in various makeup bags and drawers. Compacts, mascaras, and eyeshadows are tucked in various purses as well. Yet, when that new shade you just have to have comes out, you run to the store to buy it. But, what about all those expensive lipsticks and shadows you still have? You don't want to throw them out. So, what should you do? Create a lipstick palette

  • Teaching your Child to Love Reading

    This headline probably caught your eye because you have a child that is struggling to read. Then, who am I to barge in to tell you that your child can truly learn to love reading? Remember that kids love the stories, not the act of reading - they won't be picking up the Wall Street Journal anytime

  • Introducing Your Child To Social Networking: 10 Must-Know Tips For Parents

    You've likely joined Facebook because you understand that social networking can be a valuable tool to keep up with family and friends. Or perhaps you are a business professional and use Twitter and LinkedIn because of the value it brings to your business. Maybe you don't social network, but your fri

  • 7 Clever Birthday Party Favor Ideas

    <p> It's Back -To-School time and the birthday party invitations have already started appearing in the mailbox. If you are planning a birthday party, there is a favor below to impress even the pickiest of your children's friends. Best of all - each was created by a mom! </p> <p> And by all means, if you are dreading another birthday season marked by cellophane bags full of candy and plastic goodies that end up under the minivan seats before you even get them home - make sure you share this with everyone you know! </p>

  • Confessions of a Child Talent Agent

    "Strike a pose there's nothing to it." Well that's easy for Madonna to say, she's never been a kid's talent agent. Being the top kid's agent in the Denver region for as long as I have, I've seen my fair share of rewards and penance. Being a mother myself and a fierce advocate for children in general

  • 5 Ways To Help Your Parents Lose Weight

    Eveyone I know is on a diet. They are trying to fit into a pair of jeans, a new dress, or a suit they have had in their closet for six years. Some of them buy a pair of True Religion Jeans in a smaller size and hang them up in a noticeable area as an incentive (the incentive is no doubt the price ta

  • 7 Ways to Have a Great Life

    Long-term goals are important, but don't make the mistake of putting your happiness on hold until you achieve them. Here are 7 simple ways you can have a great life starting tomorrow morning:

  • Top 10 Things Newly Divorced Moms Should Know

    They say that being a parent is the toughest job in the world, but there is not job that is tougher than becoming a single parent. No one thinks when they have children that they will be raising them by themselves, but when you get divorced, even though you have an ex, it is still all you when you h

  • 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Teen Right Now

    Was there ever a moment when your teen said something snarky or gave you a dirty look and you thought to yourself, "Who is this person living in my house?" There seems to be a time for many parents where they realize their once loving child has turned into an adolescent, moody, quasi-stranger. I of

  • 10 Factors to Consider Before Having More Kids

    What do parents consider when deciding whether or not they should have any more kids? Many factors are considered, some of which are unique to the family involved, but the most common considerations for whether or not to have any more kids are as follows. Emotions-do the parents miss the sounds

  • 6 Things Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

    Teens love their parents and deep down they want to get along and have a relationship that they can always count on. However, some things they do can drive their kids crazy…and even sabotage a good relationship.

  • Being a Positive Parent. The Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

    1. WHAT TYPE OF PARENT ARE YOU CURRENTLY? Rate yourself. If you could score yourself on a 1-10 basis, one being the worst and ten being the best, where would you put yourself and why? After having over fifty parents answer this question, I have found the most common answer to be anywhere from a five

  • Surprising Reasons for Belly Bloat

    Did you know that stomach bloat can be triggered by anything from reheating pasta to fluctuating hormones? Let's learn what is behind that fluctuating waistband and bloated feeling - and what can you do about it. RE-HEATING FOOD If you feel uncomfortable after eating potatoes, rice or pasta in a

  • Depression, Teens and Facebook

    There are recent reports concerning whether teen Facebook users experience an increase in depression. Researchers disagree whether this is a new type of depression or an extension of existing forms of depression. Teens with low self esteem, school stress and family stress are vulnerable to depressio

  • Camp Phone Calls Could End my Marriage

    Who knew the highly anticipated camp calls would be such a blow to my relationship? (BTW - I'm not always this overbearing, but when my baby is 1000 miles away for a month and I get 10 minutes to talk to him… it's ON….)

  • My Child Did Not Get Invited

    As a parent, nanny, or babysitter, your heart aches when a child's heart breaks. In this blog, we will consider one particular heartbreaking experience and how it can be handled. Consider this: your child's classmates are all invited to a party hosted by one of the children in the class. However, yo

  • 10 Ways To Create “Mind Blowing Intimacy”

    One difficult phrase and concept that I try to get clients to understand is "Mind Blowing Intimacy." This is no surprise as we are inundated with "Mind Blowing Sex" on reality TV, in magazines, on the internet, and in movies. "Mind Blowing Sex" gets the highest media ratings, as well as most couples

  • 7 Top Picks for This Year's Back to School Trends

    <p> With summer's clock ticking away, everyone is talking about the beginning of the school year right around the corner. This year's school trends are largely TV and celebrity -inspired and all about creativity, glitz and a healthy dose of eco-awareness. Here are seven top picks to help you get ready for school with ease. </p>

  • Shiny Hair - 5 Magic Tricks for More Lustrous Locks

    Do you have shiny hair envy? Do you wish you could flaunt glossy, shiny locks like celebrities do? Well, now you can with these tried and true Hollywood secrets! Ladies, get ready to end your envy once and for all.

  • Secrets to Super White Nails and Teeth

    WHITE NAILS To whiten your nails, try these: