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    Written by Four Green Steps.comThanksgiving is a time to give thanks and celebrate with a giant feast. No need for Vegans to feel left out thanks to these amazing recipes food-lovers everywhere will enjoy:

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    Written by Four Green Steps.comThere's no doubt reusable shopping bags have gained popularity in the last few years but according to studies only 10% of consumers remember to use their reusable shopping bags. Many find themselves buying new bags every time they leave their home realizing they've onc

  • Ten Green Tips for Fall

    Written by Four Green Steps.com1. When putting away your summer clothing, check to see if there is anything you can recycle for rags or to donate, also when buying new clothes why not revive your wardrobe with some vintage or recycled clothing.

  • Meatless Monday: 5 Fall Favorites

    Written by Four Green Steps.comFall tends to beat out Summer when it comes to recipes and cooking. Summer relies too much on the novelty of being able to eat outside and it's usually too hot to cook and sometimes even to eat! Thats why Fall and Winter have some of the best recipes, cold weather make

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    Written by Four Green Steps.com Finding a great recipe for vegan honey cake is not an easy task- especially considering that honey is not vegan. Luckily there are ways around it and some simple alterations that can make it even more delicious than the original. Looking for a new recipe for Rosh Hash

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    Written by Four Green Steps.comAs apple picking season wraps up, before you tire of apple crisp or apple pie and before your kitchen fills with rotten, unused apples be sure to try these fall favorites! Conversely, if you haven't been apple picking this season, make sure you go before the first snow

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    Written by Four Green Steps.com The season of thankfulness and overeating are upon us! Make sure to add at least of these delicious desserts to your Thanksgiving menu. (For Vegan variation you can substitute a banana for 1 egg and milk with a soy or coconut

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    Written by Four Green Steps.com Thanksgiving is right around the corner and our tummies couldn't be more thankful! This year, show thanks by adding eco-friendlier details to your celebration by reducing waste and making sustainable choices. Here are the eas

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  • Connect with Us!

    Written by Four Green Steps.com Do you have a Green blog, Vegetarian recipe, food blog or any writing relating to the environment? We would love to hear from you! Sharing is caring- send us your ideas/ writing in "Submit you content". Feeling creative? Why no

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  • Visit Four Green Steps at the LA Green Festival this October (Win Tickets!)

    Written by Four Green Steps.com We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Green Festivals and that after 3 years in the sandbox, 1 million hits and 1 million students using our free curriculum, we will be celebrating our official launch this October

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