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    Facebook is obviously the best tool for creeping these days, but sometimes people post things that should just be kept to private conversations between friends, family and sometimes you should just keep it to yourself! Check out the top ten things that annoy your 500 Facebook friends. Politics Just because you swing one way doesn't mean your friends do, too. Keep the rants to yourself, please. Religion Why are you surprised when people are offended by your religious rants? Facebook isn't the place to preach. Amen. ...

  • How He Popped the Question: Adorable Proposal Stories!

    "My husband, Derek, told me one night that I shouldn't worry when I saw my work schedule for the next week. When I asked why, he told me he spoke to my boss and I had the week off for vacation, but he wouldn't tell me where we were going. I didn't find out the destination until we got on our connecting flight and I saw it was Seattle! He had planned a whole trip there: flight, shuttle, hotel, and tickets to a private show by my favorite artist! When we arrived at the hotel, we were unpacking a little and he took out a pair of socks (where the ring was hidden). ...

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    By Michelle Regalado, Life2PointOh.com Working out at a gym or yoga studio is great, but sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to leave home. And while a membership can be worth the time and effort, it's not always affordable. However, investing in a few basic (and inexpensive!) items can