The Editors of Prevention

    The Editors of Prevention

  • The Most Fattening Foods of Summer

    Fun time in the sun can actually make you gain. Learn which summertime treats are the biggest calorie culprits--and better-for-you options to try instead.

  • 15 Easy Ways to Shed Belly Fat

    Belly fat, beer gut, tummy--you can call it what you like, but it's all the same dangerous fat. But that doesn't mean you should sit idly by and let the fat infiltrate your midsection. Use the following strategies to banish your belly fat for good.

  • 12 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Home

    Not to rain on your picnic, but summer ushers in its own particular perils: accidents, food poisoning, and bugs that carry Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and the like. Fortunately, taking the following precautions can make these days of summer safe.

  • 21 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe All Summer

    Higher temperatures may translate into more time spent outdoors, but for pet owners, they can also mean more visits to the veterinarian. Here's how to prevent injuries and illness

  • 6 Signs You Shouldn't Swim There

    It's really hot. We know. But don't let your desperation to cool down short-circuit your better judgment. Not all swimming situations are created equal.These six signs are clear warnings that what might look like a day of summer fun could spell big troubl

  • 10 Easy Ways to Flatten Your Belly

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could watch your belly disappear? Here are ten easy ways that you can flatten your belly every day--from simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily life to belly busting moves that you can do at home.

  • 6 Inspiring Pets Who Saved Their Owners

    Sure, we could list study after study showing the health perks of having a pet in your life. Or we can simply show it with these remarkable stories of four-legged friends helping out their two-legged companions.

  • 8 Sketchy Sunscreen Claims--Decoded

    Like packaged foods, sunscreen bottles are a mishmash of government-regulated terms and unregulated--and downright sketchy--marketing claims, which can confuse even the most conscientious consumer. Read on for the key terms you can expect to see on your s

  • 9 Healthiest Grilling Condiments and Add-Ons

    You know those little extras you love, like ketchup on burgers or hot sauce in tacos? Turns out they have hidden health benefits. Here, 9 condiments to have on hand.

  • 11 Fast Food Meals Nutritionists Love

    We all know it's healthier to skip the drive-thru, but everyone eventually finds themselves at a roadside rest stop or caves into a French-fry craving. So we turned to the nutrition experts who created the menus for our favorite fast-food joints to find o

  • 11 Tips for a Safe Summer Vacation with Your Dog

    Planning to take your pet with you during your summer travels? There are a few things you should know, first.

  • 13 Foods that Fight Stress

    Stressful events--and they don't even have to be big, just the daily hassles of life--cause our cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol causes food cravings, and in women those cravings tend to be strongest for carbs, especially sweet foods,

  • The 10 Most Improved Foods

    Who doesn't like an upgrade? These supermarket and drive-thru staples get some much-needed makeovers. So you can imagine our delight when we discovered these 10 foods that are now a much better buy thanks to some key upgrades in the nutrition department.

  • 10 Diet Mistakes that Slow Your Metabolism

    You probably don't need scientists to tell you that your metabolism slows with age. But midlife weight gain isn't inevitable: We've found eating strategies that will tackle these changes. Ignite your body's fat-burning furnace with these healthy eating t

  • 7 Signs Your Essential Oils Are Fake

    Buying an essential oil is easy. Buying a good one, on the other hand, can be a challenge, even for trained aromatherapists. So how do you spot the good stuff? Look for these telltale signs.

  • 10 Things Your Posture Says About Your Health

    The way you sit and stand reveals more about your body than you'd think. Muscular imbalances, tight areas, and weak spots create a chain reaction throughout your body that manifest in subtle ways. Here are some of the most common body secrets you may be u

  • The 8 Most Overhyped Superfoods on the Internet

    Google "superfoods" and you'll be bombarded with more than 4 million links to websites, blogs, and books all touting the magical health properties of "super" foods, beverages, powders, and pills. While the following 8 "superfoods" do offer health benefits

  • 7 Sodas that Aren't Terrible for You

    There's no denying that America has a love affair with soda--in just one year, the average American guzzles 44 gallons of the sweet stuff. We scoured the shelves to find the best sodas out there.

  • 21 Weight Loss Lies You Keep Telling Yourself

    Uncover all of the damaging lies that you may be telling yourself, lies that will prevent you from fully accepting and respecting your body. Below are 21 of the most common lies, ones that actually sabotage your ability to succeed at any weight loss plan.

  • 10 Strange Things You Didn't Know Were Contagious

    Some of the most contagious things lurking about don't even involve germs--and all the hand sanitizer in the world won't keep these weird things at bay. Check out these surprisingly "catching" issues and the simple ways to protect yourself.