• Would You Give Your Kid Adderall?

    Even if he/she wasn't diagnosed with ADHD? According to a new article in the NY Times, there's a growing population of both doctors and parents who are allowing children to take Adderall, even though they don't have ADHD.

  • Will Nicole Kidman Regret This Photo?

    At least 3 times a day I say, "I can't do that - I have a kid." On my list of things I can't do because I'm a mom? wear too short shorts drink alcohol stay out past midnight go out to dinner more than 3 times a week listen to music that isn't kid-friendly express my annoyance at strangers on the street

  • What Would You Do If Someone Called Your Kid Ugly?

    Even though I love her, I just started following Tia Mowry on Facebook yesterday. Don't ask what took so long - I have no idea.

  • Why is Everyone so Obsessed with Our Post-Baby Bodies?

    First it was Shape of a Mother back in April, now it looks like a post from CT Working Moms about post baby bodies is about to go viral. I get that seeing celebrities bounce back in a month is annoying and disheartening, but why are people obsessed with women's post baby bodies?

  • Do You Feel Bad for Halle Berry?

    Let me start by saying that Halle Berry is hands-down my favorite person in Hollywood. I love her.

  • You Should Probably Put that Out, Mary-Kate Olsen..

    Yes, that is Mary-Kate Olsen with her new boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, and his daughter. Yes, his daughter appears to be taller than MK (ha!) and yes, her beau is much older than her. 16 years to be in fact. But none of that bothers me, really. What does, however, is Mary-Kate puffing away on her cancer stick right in front of the little girl. What gives? Now I know Mary-Kate isn't the only person in the wrong here. The child's father is right there letting his girlfriend blow secondhand smoke in his daughter's face. ...

  • Just Stop, Jenny McCarthy..

    Jenny McCarthy seriously annoys me. Maybe it's because I feel like she hasn't matured at all since her days on Singled Out, but I just find her so obnoxious.

  • 8 Things You Should Never Say to Dad..

    You're probably being bombarded with incredibly clever, thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas, but here's a secret: the best gift you can give dad this year is to stop saying these things:

  • Should Babies Be Naked on the Beach?

    Now before you go calling me a prude, my problem isn't with the nudity per se.

  • Dealing with Gender Disappointment..

    So it's official--Snooki is having a baby boy.

  • Would You Ever Dye Your Child's Hair?

    Not that I think celebrity parent's always make the best decisions, but Gwen Stefani does seem like a pretty awesome mom to me. She's always photographed spending QT with her boys and she's said they come before her career.

  • The Real Business of Being Born... How Celebs Cash in by Selling Their Baby Photos

    News just broke that People magazine bought the first photos of Jessica Simpson's baby girl, Maxwell Drew. And the price for those photos? $805,000!!

  • Would You Let a Stranger Touch Your Child's... Hair?

    On Saturday, while enjoying a Mother's Day pedicure with my mother and my daughter, it happened to me. As I was sitting waiting for my nails to dry, one of the nail technician's who didn't have a client came over and told me how cute my daughter was. I thanked her and then she asked, "Can I touch it?" Huh? I thought to myself. "Her hair," the woman said. "Can I touch her hair?" Before long, there was a small gathering of three woman running their fingers over my daughter's braided hair.

  • Jessica Simpson's Maternity Collection Arrives This Fall!

    Looks like new mom Jessica Simpson doesn't have any plans on slowing down. Just a few weeks after giving birth to her baby girl, Maxwell Drew, maternity megastore Destination Maternity announced it will soon be selling Jessica Simpson maternity clothes! Of the new Jessica Simpson maternity collection, Jessica Simpson said, "I'm [pleased] to partner with Destination Maternity to design a collection of fashionable styles that make you look and feel great… You want to wear clothes that are flattering to your baby bump; you want to show your bump off. ...

  • 5 Things Every Mom Feels Every Day..

    The last time you had a manicure: When runny poops leaks out of the diaper: Finding a babysitter at the last minute: Gisele Bundchen on not eating like a garbage disposal, potty training her 6-month-old and claiming her kid doesn't eat ice cream: Hunger strikes:

  • Should Non-Moms Get Mother's Day Gifts??

    Seriously. Over the weekend, I overheard a woman going on and on about what she wanted for Mother's Day. Diamond earrings, a few hours at the spa and a nice dinner out. Except for one small detail--she didn't have any kids! I almost fell out of my chair when the lady she was with asked, "Your husband does all that and you guys don't even have kids?"

  • Coming Soon to a Babies 'R Us Near You... Heidi Klum!

    If you're wondering how Heidi Klum does it all, so are we! In addition to juggling 4 kids, she also hosts television shows, makes jewelry and oh yeah, looks amazing!

  • Is This What Being a Mom Really Looks Like?

    Have you heard about this new website, theshapeofamother.com? Yes, that pic above is from the site. And before you gawk, hear me out.

  • What's Scarier: Labor or C-Section?

    Don't judge me for reading In Touch. But I occasionally check them out to get my celebrity fill and I couldn't help but get sucked in by a story about Jessica Simpson, who's pregnant. According to the site, a source told them Jessica is so afraid of giving birth naturally that she's scheduled a C-section. According to the source, "Jessica has no tolerance for pain" and "The thought of going into labor scared the bejeezus out of her."

  • Reason #456 Homeschoolers Just Might Be onto Something.

    Earlier this morning, I couldn't help but be intrigued when I read a teaser about the man who replaced Osama bin Laden on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List.