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    Sarah Bernard, Host of The Thread

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  • Jeans Jumpsuit: Who Wore It Better?

    Monochromatic coveralls are usually reserved for mechanics and inmates. Until now. Isabel Marant, the cool Parisian girls' designer of choice, produced this garment as part of her Etoile line, and Kourtney Kardashian and Ellen Pompeo scooped it right up. Kourtney wore hers zipped up and added platfo

  • The ladies of "Bridesmaids" on wedding style and demonic brides

    This film-- in addition to being pure comedy joy-- is also a public service announcement for anyone who ever was or ever will be a bridesmaid. It's not easy, people! Luckily, all the pressure, infighting, and sheer ruthlessness that can go along with being a member of a wedding party also make for a

  • "Last Night" with Eva Mendes

    In Eva Mendes' latest film "Last Night," she's trading her signature sexy, stylish pizazz for understated "Laura," a young woman who unluckily falls in love with a married man. Alongside Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, Eva highlights the complexities of modern day relationships. We caught up wi

  • Amanda Peet talks time-saving beauty tips and high-impact smiles

    Amanda Peet is the total package. The gorgeous actress and mom of two has loads of talent, plus flawless skin, shiny hair, sparkling blue eyes and a radiant, white smile. We caught up with her at the Crest 3D White Perfect Profile Photo Party in New York City to talk about her low-key style, which s

  • 5 things you don't know about Kate Middleton

    The royal wedding is a little over two months away and we admit we're getting a little obsessed. Maybe more than a little. So we took a trip across the pond to find out some interesting tidbits about the future princess. Watch to see what we learned!

  • Who wore it best

    Imagine stepping out in the same dress as the most famous magazine editrix there is. Well, that's exactly what happened to one cropped-topped starlet who put her own- and in our opinion, better- spin on the look. In this episode, we've got three such celebrity pairs facing off and we tell you how an

  • Top five hairstyles of 2010

    Most of us have only one go-to hairstyle. Ok, maybe two. But it's worth adding to your repertoire because changing your hair is a way of completely changing up your look that's both fun and affordable. Try on the same jeans with a messy side braid or a full head of disco curls and suddenly, it's as

  • Celebrity Fashion Transformers

    With the exception of Willow Smith and Suri Cruise, it usually takes some time before a celebrity grows into the role of fashion icon. A few years of regrettable dye jobs, bad denim, and questionable red carpet choices are all part of the process of figuring out one's style point of view-or figuring

  • What's in Julia Roberts' Jewelry Box?

    Meet Robin Renzi... Hollywood stars have long been in love with Me & Ro, the simple, modern, spiritually-minded jewelry line designed by Robin Renzi. Her pieces made an appearance on Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada", Mary Louise Parker in "Weeds" and soon, Drew Barrymore in "Going the Dista

  • Surprise! Even Stars Recycle Their Style

    Celebrities have so many clothes they never need to wear the same thing twice. Or do they? We tagged five A-listers who recycle the same piece over and over again- just like we do! If I love something I admit I tend to wear it so much that I almost make myself sick of it. It's like eating the same t

  • YOUR Investment Basics: Thread viewers weigh in!

    It's hard- maybe impossible- to agree on which seven pieces we should all be building our closets around. But that's what makes it fun, isn't it? Our recent episode, "Seven investment basics for your wardrobe," prompted viewers to chime in with smart tips and suggestions and we want to share them wi

  • Mandy Cares Moore

    Actress-songstress and Shape Magazine cover girl, Mandy Moore, came by our studio to talk fashion and beauty--and to tell us about a cause that's near and dear to her heart.

  • Photo Gallery Archive

    At Last, "The Inception" of Ellen PageThis gallery shows Ellen Page's best looks on the red carpet.The Stars of Paris Fashion WeekCheck out this gallery of famous celebs who graced the tents at Paris Fashion Week.

  • Kim Kardashian: Her Cellulite Makes Headlines

    She's got the most talked about body in Hollywood right now. We asked Kim Kardashian- who, by the way, is TINY in person- how she feels about the fact that her cellulite is making headlines. Before I saw her up close, I imagined that Kim would be, not bulky, exactly but definitely imposing. The trut

  • Celebrity do's and don'ts: Holiday party edition!

    Maybe it's the built-in stress that comes with the season or the overwhelming desire to impress people you mingle with only once a year, but when dressing for holiday events, even the most level-headed can throw their good sense out the window. We've put together a list of do's and don'ts you need t