• News Flash: Don't Treat Your Guy like a Fixer Upper

    Trying to convince your significant other that their friends aren't good enough, they should move into a different neighborhood or their job is just not cutting it is bound to be a relationship-ender.

  • 16 First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Ever wonder why you didn't get a call back? Here's a rundown of some of biggest mistakes and how you can rectify them before your next big night out.

  • Critical Analysis: Decoding What Our Moms REALLY Mean

    Sometimes we can be our own worst critics, but other times that honor goes to the woman that gave birth to us. Sure, it's often tempered by pauses, strained smiles and a quick change of topic, but deep down you know well enough to read between the lines.

  • Sports Illustrated's Chrissy Teigen Heats Up the Kitchen

    Chrissy Teigen is the kind of on-screen personality that has no problem making fun of herself if it makes you laugh OR makes for good television in the process.

  • Boys DO Cry: When You're the One that Breaks His Heart

    Seeing my exes cry took the mystique out of men for me and made me realize I wasn't experiencing some emotional disadvantage after all. In fact, I felt like I'd stumbled upon some great relationship mystery. EVERYBODY has the ability to feel and mourn.

  • Has Food Replaced Sex as Our Latest Obsession?

    Being a foodie is nothing new, but choosing it over physical intimacy? Now this was a true revelation.

  • Hollywood Break-Ups: The Twitter Quandary

    There's a reason why character limitations stop us from spilling our guts: the fact that you can post your thoughts instantly makes it so enticing to just put it all out there without much thought to the future... or the millions of people watching.

  • 5 First Date Rules You Should NEVER Follow

    It's been my experience that the best dating advice is the most logical. Forget what the books OR your mom says. Don't think with your heart -- think with your brain.

  • Are Big Moves in the Works for Rachel Zoe?

    It's no secret that Rachel Zoe and her ever-growing company are expanding by leaps and bounds, so when we saw an oh-so-intriguing tweet from our fave celebrity stylist last night it gave us pause.

  • Golden Globes Fashion Secret: Yes, that was a Wedding Gown!

    No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Modern Family star Julie Bowen WAS wearing a wedding dress at the Golden Globes.

  • PETA Goes After Dr. Dre and Oscar De La Renta

    Oscar de la Renta has released a set of luxe headphones in collaboration with Dr. Dre, which we're all extremely excited about. The Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are covered in silver fox fur and naturally, PETA has something to say about it.

  • TSA Cupcake Snafu Denies Sugar Fans Sweet Fix

    Yes, TSA has come under fire in the past for focusing on seemingly superfluous details in their efforts to maintain a safe air travel experience. It's hard to imagine a bottle of formula posing a threat, but what about a cupcake?

  • Blue Ivy's Aunt Lands Major Modeling Contract

    e, Beyoncé is getting a ton of attention for her greatest gig to date -- mom to baby girl Blue Ivy Carter -- but she isn't the only Knowles girl to add a new role to her résumé. Her super hip and totally trendy little sister Solange just became a model.

  • Are Klout Scores the New Fashion Barometer?

    Between exclusive invites and front row rivalries, the simplicity of a Klout Score has managed to even the playing field.

  • Would You Use YouTube to Get a Date?

    Do you love the idea of finding love over YouTube?

  • Macy's Lands Oscar Winner's Son for Modeling Campaign

    Macy's has landed British actor Max Irons as the face of its new INC campaign.

  • Santino Rice Blasts 'Project Runway All Stars'

    In a lengthy diatribe that spans 14 tweets, Santino Rice asserts that there's something shady going on with the new Project Runway All Stars.

  • 5 Stylish Suggestions for Britney Spears' Wedding

    OK, let's face it. <b>Britney Spears</b> isn't exactly known for her stylish choices (at least not in a good way). In fact, we've cringed on more than one occasion when she's hit the red carpet. (Behold: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.collegefashion.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/double-denim-no-2.jpg" target="_blank">Exhibit A</a>) So when we heard she was getting <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.stylecaster.com/celebrity/17661/britney-spears-is-finally-engaged-jason-trawick" target="_blank">married again</a>, we decided to do an intervention. <br> <br> <p> Yes, that's right. Not "pimp" emblazoned track suits for the groomsmen or tacky dresses for the bride. This time around (and it's #3 in case anyone is counting), it's time to class this girl up, keep it low-key and above all else show the world that this former Red Bull and Cheetos aficionado can still be chic without ditching her country roots. </p> <p> As a former weddings editor, I couldn't resist rising to the challenge. Yes, I've dabbled in an inspiration board or two in my time, and given recent insider chatter (according to a source with <a rel="nofollow" href="http://perezhilton.com/page/2/#.TwG3MUqzPRw" target="_blank">Perez</a>, "She wants a traditional Southern-style wedding with comfort food, surrounded by her family, her two sons and all of her childhood friends, as opposed to a Hollywood wedding.") it seems like Brit and I are totally on the same page. </p> <p> So how do you create a down-home wedding minus the redneck roots? Check out this slideshow for a quick primer: </p>

  • 'Tis the Season, Share Your #HolidayGood on Twitter

    To share your good deed with us, tweet your story to @StyleCaster and use the hashtag #HolidayGood. At the end of the month we'll put together a slideshow of our stylistas' holiday giving and post them on our site!

  • 'The Notebook' Gets the Broadway Treatment

    n light of last week's news that The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes thought Ryan Gosling wasn't "handsome" or "cool" (blasphemy!), another interesting tidbit has surfaced thanks to the book's author, Nicholas Sparks.