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  • The Secret Life of Your Taste Buds

    Barb Stuckey, author of Taste: Surprising Stories and Science About Why Food Tastes Good, shares why we think "mmm" or "eww" for certain foods, and what our preferences really mean.Do you abhor stinky cheeses? You might be a "tolerant taster" who sports fewer tastes buds. Tolerant tasters are generally unfussy eaters, unless they happen to also have an excellent sense of smell. Then strongly scented foods like blue cheese are out of balance: The taste doesn't match up with the smell, which leads to dislike. ...

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Academy Awards

    Best your pals at your annual movie-awards party with our slate of Academy Awards trivia.

  • Ted Allen Has a Stash of Secret Ingredients

    Leave the truffle oil at the kitchen door! Ted Allen, host of the hit show "Chopped," shares his picks for kitchen staples that can dress up many dishes.

  • Smart Ways to Save Energy Costs in Winter

    Don’t get stuck with impossible insulation or a failing furnace. Instead, use these savvy ways to save energy and freeze out the frost.

  • Football Safety: Why I Broke Up with the Sport

    A sportswriter and longtime fan won’t be tuning in anymore. The reasoning behind his decision is a must-read for anyone who loves the game.

  • Win/Fail: Which “As Seen on TV” Products Are Worth It?

    The best and worst "As Seen on TV" products, from dog-hair picker-uppers to hands-free wine drinking, as tested and rated by Reader's Digest editors.

  • 20 Most-Asked Thanksgiving Questions, Answered in 20 Words or Less

    What's the all-time best Thanksgiving tip? Roast the turkey upside down. It'll protect the breast from overcooking, and juices will seep down and keep it moist.I don't own a roasting rack. Do you have any DIY alternatives I can use instead? Scrunch foil into a three-foot snake, then coil it into a ring. Or use clean, empty tuna cans.What should I serve vegetarians? No tofurkey, please! Make a butternut squash lasagna, and all your guests will sneak some, vegetarian or not.20 easy appetizer recipes-in 20 words or less! >>What's the best way to reheat cold turkey? Tastiest is in the gravy. ...

  • 8 Clear Signs that You’re on a Bad Diet

    Is your weight-loss plan too good to be true? Watch for these less-expected red flags that could stand in the way of long-term success.

  • Top 10 Most Extreme Travel Adventures in the World

    Discover the coldest, hottest, driest and most extreme travel destinations on earth: Find out which spot on the planet is the closest to outer space and which hard-to-reach landmark will take your breath away.

  • 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Bond…James Bond

    Think you know James Bond movies? We dug up little-known trivia about Agent 007 in celebration of the character's 50th birthday.

  • The 11 Public Spots with the Most Germs...Ewww!!

    The vast majority of cold and flu cases are passed from person to person. Here are some of the top spots where germs are shared:

  • Boost Your Immune System: How Germ Experts Stay Healthy

    Germ experts are less paranoid than you might expect, but what they worry about (airplanes, laundry!) will surprise you.

  • 13+ Things Your Fast Food Worker Won’t Tell You

    These surprising secrets about your favorite fast food restaurants might make you think twice next time you're in line or at the drive-thru.

  • 6 Surprising Salad Tricks to Help You Lose More Weight

    Use these healthy salad ideas to release more fat with these key, sometimes counterintuitive salad ingredients.

  • 6 Smart Uses for Clothespins

    These expert tricks and surprising uses for clothespins will simplify your life in one simple clamp.

  • 10 Secrets Your Surgeon Won't Tell You

    Surgeons have our lives in their hands, but most of us know more about the people who cut our hair than the doctors who cut our bodies. Here, insider tips to become a smarter, healthier patient.

  • Steal Melissa D’Arabian’s Best Dinner Secrets

    Melissa d’Arabian, winner of The Next Food Network Star and host of Ten Dollar Dinners, cooks delicious dinners on a budget in her new book, Ten Dollar Dinners (Clarkson Potter).

  • Why Being in Love Makes You Smarter

    In love? You have a built-in brain-booster sitting right across the breakfast table. Here's how to make the most of it for extra smarts.

  • Secrets from Models: How to Look Good in Every Photograph

    How to put your best face forward and pose like a model, according to industry insiders.

  • Pair These Power Foods for Incredible Health

    New research shows that by combining these nutritional superheroes together, you'll pack an even bigger nutritional punch.